one of my family members are getting married this summer. While I wish them all the best I cannot comprehend why people spend so much money on weddings. Don’t get me wrong, like every girl I too wish to have a beautiful wedding. But I do not agree to spend 100,000-250,000 on a wedding. Come to think of it, at the end of the day we will be left with nothing of the day except a few photographs and video clips. I really wish people start to put more thought into their future. Rather than spending that money on a day I think people should invest on items for their new household. Think of all the things $150,000 can buy.


Do we ever have it easy?

The other day when I was browsing through the chick lits in the local library, I came across a book written by Natasha Friend. The book is titled “My Life In Black And White”. The book is about a girl who was always admired because of her beauty but then she loses her face due to an accident. The major cuts in her face results into a plastic surgery that made her look worse. When her face was gone, her life was gone. Her self esteem was on the low, she was being driven to depression.
Now, we all know that the people are are not good looking are often made fun of, bullied or simply ignored. But, then do the “good-looking” people have it easy as well?
When you have a face that everyone admires but no one loves you for you, that sucks.
When a not so good looking person is loved because of the person she is, that’s nice.
I would rather be loved by one person even if I am ugly than turn hundred heads towards me.
Everything has a lesson to teach us, the point is to love yourself despite of what others think of you. Yes, you will never have it easy. But, everything will be worth it one day.

50 shades of Grey – My complains

I know of a whole lot people who started reading the book in order to critique it. I, on the other hand, started the book without prior knowledge of the plot. So much so, I didn’t even read the reviews on Goodreads. That being said, I started the novel and enjoyed the first couple of pages. I was intimidated by the character of Christian Grey. I could picture him through Anastisia’s words. I really wanted them to have a “love story”. However, when the story reached the “bondage” part I was utterly disgusted. I was disgusted because it is so mystery that there are sick people existing in the world. I was annoyed because the girl became the “submissive”. I understand people go out of their way to write a bestseller. But, if this book sells I think we have a sorry world to live in. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against Erotica. I am not against sex scenes at all. In fact, I think sex scenes in book are quite enjoyable (as long as they are decent). This is a book that I am sure influenced a lot of people to act differently when it comes to sex. With time, people change. But, I want to ask you all ; How is ruining Literature fair? This is pure insult to literature. The author does not even know how to write. She is an amateur author. There are people all over the world who dedicate all of their life to writing but they are not able to write bestsellers. On one hand , we have “Life of Pi” which is a genius and on the other hand, we also have this book which made it to the bestsellers. None of the characters made sense. Plus, when you read the novel you know that she is in fact British. She used some words that are extremely “English”. The author has no knowledge of American diction, her word choice was poor and she really put too much “sex scenes” in one novel. Any sane person will find this book to be very annoying and poor in terms of writing. I appreciate every author who writes a novel because persistence is crucial to the completion of a novel.

I left facebook,tumblr and instagram

Thank God for wordpress. I was hoping for a cool blogging website for a long time now and I am so glad that I found wordpress. I was using tumblr before wordpress. While tumblr is flooded with users but none are serious bloggers. They are more like teenagers “blogging”. That being said, I find wordpress much more sophisticated. I also like the posts I come across.
I also left facebook. I am hoping this is my permanent departure from facebook. Facebook has become largely commercial. I am not a big fan of websites where the users aren’t limited. Yes, I still have a twitter account but twitter is not filled with drama like facebook is.
Instagram, after being bought by facebook has also become really commercial.
So thank god for Flickr, Viewbug, WordPress and twitter.

Loss of a loved one

Today marks my father’s second death anniversary. Two years ago, 20th February, at 6 am my mom answered a call telling her my father passed away. My mom screamed ” what will happen to my kids?” and hung up. I will never forget that day. A part of me knew it was true but a part of me knew he was no longer alive. If anyone told me that day , two years to that day I will be writing about it on a blogpost I would never have believed them. That phone call, the news, my mom’s loud cries and my brother’s teary eyes are still clearly visible to me in my memories but I try to be as strong as I can.
Whoever said that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” was absolutely right. I became really strong. I know now that I will able to face any obstacle that comes my way. My father and I were really close. I never imagined what life would be like after he was gone. He was young too, he was 50 when he passed away and I was stepping on the 17th year of my life.
That is when I knew I was going to cry a whole lot, I was always going to miss my father and I am helpless because I cannot do anything to bring him back.
The last two years after my dad left was difficult. I was always under the pressure of living up to my dad’s expectations. I have not been successful yet but I know that if I am alive there must be some reason behind it. I know that my dad’s death didn’t kill me I was meant to be much stronger than I thought was.
I wrote this blog post today because I know as I am writing this , many people around the world are losing a loved one. But, time is the best healer. While you will not completely heal, ever, but you will learn to control your tears.
My dad was the best dad in the world. He was a liberal parent and always thought that the best way to be good parents to your kids were by being their friends. My dad, my friend, my best friend and my a huge part of my life – I miss you dad. I hope that wherever you are today you are happy.

I love the library!

Thanks to one WordPress post I came across a few minutes ago which inspired me to write this post.
Like many other things, we also take our surrounding libraries for granted. I honestly love spending time at the library. Although, I am mostly reading chicklits and love stories but I prefer to read it at the library (when I can’t find the book online to download). Don’t get me wrong I prefer paperbacks as opposed to my E reader but paperbacks are expensive. I can get the books for free online.
That being said, I do borrow all kinds of book from the library. If I am looking to experiment on a new hobby I will go and surf through the topic at the library.

So here is my 5 reasons why I love the library :
– You never feel obliged to read a book. For instance, I purchased a paperback copy of the Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I never read it after first few sentences. I always feel bad about wasting my money on the copy. So, I think the library is amazing because you never feel like you are obliged to read it if you are not liking the book. Your money is not wasted either.
-I can find books related to various topics in the library. I know I concentrate more when I am reading a paperback format of tips on cats for example. I am not going to spend $10 or $15 on books which I am only going to read once. Hence, the library is a big source.
-The library has a positive environment. When I am down or I am not feeling well I head to the library and roam around. I browse through books and I am doing better instantly.
– You find other book lovers there!
– The library card is like a magic card. I also think that library has the ability to turn non book lovers into book lovers.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn Review

Gone Girl opens with Nick (the husband) talking about his wife’s skull.
The book is divided into three parts.
The first part talks about Amy’s disappearance, second part talks about Amy’s whereabouts and the third part is about how miserable both the characters are.
This book is classified as a “thriller”. My complain with most thrillers are that I find them all to predictable. Most thrillers I read, I can predict the plot. Anyway, this book was a surprise. I could have never guessed what really happened.

Spoiler :
I will briefly summarize the plot of this book.

Amy(38) and Nick (34) got married five years ago. Amy and Nick are settled in Missouri. They were settled in New York previously. Nick was a writer and Amy belonged to rich parents, she work as a writer for personality quizzes. Amy never had to work but she worked as a “hobby”. Amy and Nick fell in love and then got married to each other. The first two years of their relationship was okay but things got worse as time passed. Nick’s mother was diagnosed with cancer which led to Nick and Amy moving back to Missouri ( much to Amy’s dislike).
Amy is the only child. Her problem with her life is she wants all attention to herself. She wants to be on top of everything. Her attention craving resulted into her thinking she is the God and she can punish anyone who wrongs her. Nick wants everyone to think he is right and that he can never be wrong. He always wants the “good guy image” on him.
Amy never disappeared. She staged everything to frame Nick for her murder because he was cheating on her. He was cheating one of his students who was 23. Amy did not like that someone prettier than her and younger than her stole her husband from her. She punishes anyone who displeases her hence she decided that she is going to frame him.
However, Amy’s plans do not work accordingly since everything she saved up for 1 year was robbed. She seeks help from Desi (her old friend) and he trapped her in his mansion. She murdered him. She accused Desi of raping her. Whereas, she asked him to have sex with her. She brilliantly plotted everything. Her plans worked. She also blamed Desi of kidnapping her.
Amy is one intelligent person. If you read the book you will only be amazed by her intelligence. Nick, on the other hand is less miserable than Amy but he realizes Amy completes him.
Amy eventually managed to keep him with her. Nick, however knows about everything Amy has done and what she is capable of.