Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn Review

Gone Girl opens with Nick (the husband) talking about his wife’s skull.
The book is divided into three parts.
The first part talks about Amy’s disappearance, second part talks about Amy’s whereabouts and the third part is about how miserable both the characters are.
This book is classified as a “thriller”. My complain with most thrillers are that I find them all to predictable. Most thrillers I read, I can predict the plot. Anyway, this book was a surprise. I could have never guessed what really happened.

Spoiler :
I will briefly summarize the plot of this book.

Amy(38) and Nick (34) got married five years ago. Amy and Nick are settled in Missouri. They were settled in New York previously. Nick was a writer and Amy belonged to rich parents, she work as a writer for personality quizzes. Amy never had to work but she worked as a “hobby”. Amy and Nick fell in love and then got married to each other. The first two years of their relationship was okay but things got worse as time passed. Nick’s mother was diagnosed with cancer which led to Nick and Amy moving back to Missouri ( much to Amy’s dislike).
Amy is the only child. Her problem with her life is she wants all attention to herself. She wants to be on top of everything. Her attention craving resulted into her thinking she is the God and she can punish anyone who wrongs her. Nick wants everyone to think he is right and that he can never be wrong. He always wants the “good guy image” on him.
Amy never disappeared. She staged everything to frame Nick for her murder because he was cheating on her. He was cheating one of his students who was 23. Amy did not like that someone prettier than her and younger than her stole her husband from her. She punishes anyone who displeases her hence she decided that she is going to frame him.
However, Amy’s plans do not work accordingly since everything she saved up for 1 year was robbed. She seeks help from Desi (her old friend) and he trapped her in his mansion. She murdered him. She accused Desi of raping her. Whereas, she asked him to have sex with her. She brilliantly plotted everything. Her plans worked. She also blamed Desi of kidnapping her.
Amy is one intelligent person. If you read the book you will only be amazed by her intelligence. Nick, on the other hand is less miserable than Amy but he realizes Amy completes him.
Amy eventually managed to keep him with her. Nick, however knows about everything Amy has done and what she is capable of.


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