I love the library!

Thanks to one WordPress post I came across a few minutes ago which inspired me to write this post.
Like many other things, we also take our surrounding libraries for granted. I honestly love spending time at the library. Although, I am mostly reading chicklits and love stories but I prefer to read it at the library (when I can’t find the book online to download). Don’t get me wrong I prefer paperbacks as opposed to my E reader but paperbacks are expensive. I can get the books for free online.
That being said, I do borrow all kinds of book from the library. If I am looking to experiment on a new hobby I will go and surf through the topic at the library.

So here is my 5 reasons why I love the library :
– You never feel obliged to read a book. For instance, I purchased a paperback copy of the Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I never read it after first few sentences. I always feel bad about wasting my money on the copy. So, I think the library is amazing because you never feel like you are obliged to read it if you are not liking the book. Your money is not wasted either.
-I can find books related to various topics in the library. I know I concentrate more when I am reading a paperback format of tips on cats for example. I am not going to spend $10 or $15 on books which I am only going to read once. Hence, the library is a big source.
-The library has a positive environment. When I am down or I am not feeling well I head to the library and roam around. I browse through books and I am doing better instantly.
– You find other book lovers there!
– The library card is like a magic card. I also think that library has the ability to turn non book lovers into book lovers.


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