50 shades of Grey – My complains

I know of a whole lot people who started reading the book in order to critique it. I, on the other hand, started the book without prior knowledge of the plot. So much so, I didn’t even read the reviews on Goodreads. That being said, I started the novel and enjoyed the first couple of pages. I was intimidated by the character of Christian Grey. I could picture him through Anastisia’s words. I really wanted them to have a “love story”. However, when the story reached the “bondage” part I was utterly disgusted. I was disgusted because it is so mystery that there are sick people existing in the world. I was annoyed because the girl became the “submissive”. I understand people go out of their way to write a bestseller. But, if this book sells I think we have a sorry world to live in. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against Erotica. I am not against sex scenes at all. In fact, I think sex scenes in book are quite enjoyable (as long as they are decent). This is a book that I am sure influenced a lot of people to act differently when it comes to sex. With time, people change. But, I want to ask you all ; How is ruining Literature fair? This is pure insult to literature. The author does not even know how to write. She is an amateur author. There are people all over the world who dedicate all of their life to writing but they are not able to write bestsellers. On one hand , we have “Life of Pi” which is a genius and on the other hand, we also have this book which made it to the bestsellers. None of the characters made sense. Plus, when you read the novel you know that she is in fact British. She used some words that are extremely “English”. The author has no knowledge of American diction, her word choice was poor and she really put too much “sex scenes” in one novel. Any sane person will find this book to be very annoying and poor in terms of writing. I appreciate every author who writes a novel because persistence is crucial to the completion of a novel.


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