Do we ever have it easy?

The other day when I was browsing through the chick lits in the local library, I came across a book written by Natasha Friend. The book is titled “My Life In Black And White”. The book is about a girl who was always admired because of her beauty but then she loses her face due to an accident. The major cuts in her face results into a plastic surgery that made her look worse. When her face was gone, her life was gone. Her self esteem was on the low, she was being driven to depression.
Now, we all know that the people are are not good looking are often made fun of, bullied or simply ignored. But, then do the “good-looking” people have it easy as well?
When you have a face that everyone admires but no one loves you for you, that sucks.
When a not so good looking person is loved because of the person she is, that’s nice.
I would rather be loved by one person even if I am ugly than turn hundred heads towards me.
Everything has a lesson to teach us, the point is to love yourself despite of what others think of you. Yes, you will never have it easy. But, everything will be worth it one day.


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