one of my family members are getting married this summer. While I wish them all the best I cannot comprehend why people spend so much money on weddings. Don’t get me wrong, like every girl I too wish to have a beautiful wedding. But I do not agree to spend 100,000-250,000 on a wedding. Come to think of it, at the end of the day we will be left with nothing of the day except a few photographs and video clips. I really wish people start to put more thought into their future. Rather than spending that money on a day I think people should invest on items for their new household. Think of all the things $150,000 can buy.


3 thoughts on “Weddings

  1. My husband and I saved up for 2 years so we could have a destination wedding. Honestly, one of the most awesome experiences we have ever done. We didn’t spend hundreds of thousands, but total, (including flights, honeymoon, dress, photographer, catering, videographer, venue, etc etc etc) we paid $25,000. For the memories it created… it was so incredibly worth it. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    • See thats what I mean. You spent the money on honeymoon and preserving memories of the day. You worked hard for the money. My point is people should have a wedding for them not to show other people what they have or what they dont. Nowadays people compete with each other on who spends more money on weddings.. In my opinion, that is wrong. Do whatever you want for yourself not to show others

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