Think Positive!

I am procrastinating on preparing for my LSAT exam! I mean I know I have a long way to go, I am only 19 but what if my UGPA is bad at the end of University? What if I can’t stand up to my expectations? I need a strong LSAT score to be able to go to Law School. LSAT is my only hope even if I get a poor GPA at my undergraduate studies. Which I should not! But, what if I do? My university starts in September. I took this year off! I have a gap year and I did not utilize this time properly. This is end of March already!
There is absolutely no way I can be anything but a lawyer. NO WAY!
Okay, so if I am completely honest I did begin studying for LSAT ..Well , kind of!
I solve crosswords everyday. I fail all of them but I will be okay. Patience is key, positivity is the way to go!
I am also brushing up on my math skills, I mean they say Math Student do best on LSATs . Maybe I will do well if I start practicing Math everyday.
LSAT questions are lengthy. It takes all of my patience away!


Hot Yoga VS Normal Yoga

I signed up for a hot yoga class at my local gym in the beginning of January. It was the worst decision of my life. You know why? While,  we did learn some Yoga basics in that hour but we would mostly be exhausted because of the heat rather than the Yoga itself. Also, did you know as good as Sauna / any other heat room feels good to your skin, they are actually pretty bad for your skin. I would sweat badly during hot yoga and in no time I had pimples! But, the good thing through Hot Yoga that happened to me was my appreciation for Yoga. When I took up Yoga in normal temperature, I loved it. More than I ever loved Hot Yoga.
If you are a beginner and want to give Yoga an honest try then I highly recommend downloading Iphone/ Ipod apps relating to Yoga.
A specific Yoga app which I love is named : Yoga (a woman is dressed in blue and is raising one hand to the sky while the other is set to the ground)
You can choose the workout, the timing and the workout level!
That is one amazing Yoga app!

Why you should consider getting a cat!

-They are one of the most easy-to-handle pets ever!
– When I got my cat (3 months ago) she was 6 months. Her owner was giving her away hence I adopted her. I didn’t know ANYTHING about cats. I didn’t even know they have a litter box. With time, I learned I had to do close to nothing for my cat.
– Did you know there are about 70 million stray cats in the United States?
– The average cost of raising a kitten is $600 per year. (food, and other utilities)
– If you have one cat and love her/ him enough , they will love you too!
– Don’t get expensive cats, get the ones from shelter. You will be helping them.
– Who says cats aren’t loving? Cats are loving if you love them!
– It’s easy to satisfy your cat. Just turn on videos for cats on youtube!
– You don’t have to take them for a walk.
– They use the litter box to discharge waste material.
– Their food intake is normally low.
– They are amazing at staying home alone.
– They aren’t destructive.
– They mostly sleep all day.
– If you are out for work, just give them food on a bowl and they will be happy.
– Many cats do like to go outdoors but unless you plan on neutering them, it’s better if you keep them inside.
– I wanted to get my cat neutered but she stays home all the time. She even gets scared if I try to take her downstairs to the lobby. So I decided against it, I don’t want to hurt my cat.
– The only big responsibility you will probably have is nail trimming.
– Bathing is a possibility. My cat hates it but I am planning on giving her one soon.

Nets and Lies – Katie Ashley (review)

I fell in love with the author, Katie Ashley, after reading her books “The Proposition” and “The Proposal”. Though, those stories were very ordinary but it was VERY romantic. When I searched Katie Ashley on epubbud, I found nets and lies hence I downloaded it on my Ipod ( yes, I read on my Ipod). Little did I expect to fall in love with this book so much! I literally finished the book in a few hours.
Katie Ashley’s previous books which I read were so romantic and the woman has real talent for writing romance. I never quite expected her to tackle an issue as grave as sexual abuse and bullying but when she did, I was nothing but impressed.
The book is from two viewpoints. Melanie and Jordan, who couldn’t be anymore different than each other. Jordan is the popular, known as a “slut” girl whereas Melanie is the captain of the school’s basketball team and also a great student. Melanie is the “star” of the school whereas Jordan frequently gets in trouble.
Before I read the book, I hoped to related to Melanie more than I did with Jordan but I ended up loving her character more. I should have hated her because ..oh well, you’ll know. But, I ended up loving her character the most. She is flawed yet she is loveable, and the more you read the book the more you’ll know why she is the way she is.
Melanie, is a victim who is afraid to speak up for what the society will say or what her boyfriend will say. I don’t blame her but this book gives you an insight into all of those victims’ lives who kept shut and while we think it’s easy for them to speak, it isn’t always.
I highly recommend this book. It is a well written, engaging book. Please do read it.

My Star Sign : Taurus

I have mentioned previously about my ongoing research of Astrology. I have just began reading about my star sign, Taurus and quite surprisingly I did find a few similarities. The critique side of me is insisting constantly that it is a mere coincidence but then such accurate coincidence? We don’t have answers to all questions in life I will leave it at that 

Taurus : 
Good Family Providers
Slow To Anger but if provoked they can be vile and violent
Extremely possessive, both in love and possessions. 
Excellent Cooks
Security is paramount for Taureans
Stubborn if others oppose them
Committed and Loyal

Love and career :
Taureans want their romantic partners to share their love of food and good things in life. They also need someone who is tactile and supportive. Capricon understand their need of security.
Their keen senses could be well employed within the catering or beauty industries, or arts.

Keywords : practical, sensual, loyal, stubborn, possessive, reliable