Deep into thinking

I love to think a lot. But, the question that I could never find an answer to was “Are Human Beings Born Good Or Evil?”. I might have opposing views on this topic but I have reached the conclusion that we are indeed born GOOD. Our standards of good and bad are set by our surroundings. For instance, here, in Canada we are always emphasizing on equal rights between men and women. We are always trying to avoid circumstances where we might stand out as prejudice. But, in many countries, even in the 21st century , women are not allowed to leave their houses without their brothers,husband or father. While, we might think of the latter as “unfair” but the ones creating these rules think they are completely just. We are in no position to determine who is wrong and who is right as our own views may be biased with what we’ve experienced.
After a lot of thinking , I decided that the real base of our values are the religions that different people have faith in.
My blog post is not central around whether I believe in the existence of God or not. But, I would like to express my views briefly. I do not have the slightest idea as to which faith I should believe in. But, for all I know, there is someone/something that created us.
Religion plays a vital role in setting standards for us as to what is right and what is wrong. Bible is the world’s most read book. I read a few pages of the bible and I realized that the Bible has a profound influence on the western culture.
I have tried reading most religious books possible. All I know is that if you try to pick up the right message from the books, you will shine. I have complains about the faith my family follows. But, that religion has a lot of good things to teach to.
Human – Selfish – Crime- Evil
That is how our world today is. I really think, deep down, the main cause of our problems are selfishness of people. From childhood, we are always taught to be generous but also “look out for ourselves”.


3 thoughts on “Deep into thinking

    • Nature/Nuture is another possible debate.
      I think our nature is otherwise good ..but then our actions are dependant on the values we obtain from our surroundings.
      As for religion, I really think it is a matter of perspective.
      However, personally speaking, I really think there is only one religion that is causing turmoil in this world.

  1. Nature vs nurture is a consideration that is not necessary to answer whether we are born good or evil. When we are born we know nothing, neither good nor evil. We only have needs that we are even unaware of that need to be sustained. And what is innate in us becomes manifest through instinct, and/or experience. Experience is key to to character. Reason is key to awareness, to distinguish right from wrong. Perception = experience. Reason leads to morality. Whether you justify murder by your own laws is a matter of induction. That’s my thoughts.

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