I have always been taught that a person is measured by their achievements (academic). My parents, extended family and my surroundings have always conveyed the message that a person is only worth if they are “educated”. My question is how exactly are we EDUCATED if we get a high school diploma? How exactly are we “educated” if we get out of college with a high GPA? I hardly even remember any of the authors’ works I were taught in school. The only author I remember is probably Shakespeare. Any of the math that I spent nights practising will never come to my aid. I do not wish to pursue a career in business/ science. I want to bring a change to the world. I want to help the poor. I can help the poor without a college degree, can’t I? Maybe not in a first world country but if I go back to my hometown, Dhaka, Bangladesh I can easily use my father’s wealth to help the poor. But, just for my mother’s satisfaction I need to acquire a degree. There are so many people around the world who would kill to have the opportunity I have. I am well aware of it. But, I really don’t understand what I should work hard for. Is it for a recognition from some school that I have fulfilled the requirements set out by their college? Is it for acknowledgement from my mother’s contemporaries that I am “educated”? Or is it for telling people how “educated” I am? I do not want to have a 9-5 job and earn money. I want to help people. I want to teach little children English. Just for that little wish I will have to go through so many hardships ; go to college, get a degree and convince my mom.


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