Money CAN buy happiness

Can money actually NOT buy happiness?

So I have been thinking about this quote for a while now. They say money can’t buy happiness but we live for money, we breathe for money and isn’t living itself making us happy? Yes, leaving aside, people who suffer from severe depression I think there is a close link to money and happiness. I do admit , that money can’t buy class. No matter how much money a person has they cannot be classy unless they have that in them. Now, going back to my original topic whether money can really buy happiness or not. Money and achievements are closely linked. Achievements result into money and achievements make us happy. Then why can money not buy happiness? Little do we do anything for something other than money anyway. I know shopping makes me happy. When I shop I forget all my distresses and problems , I am just happy.


One thought on “Money CAN buy happiness

  1. I believe the only reason money can buy anything close to happiness is because everything you can possibly want in this world is owned and distributed for convenience. So to be more certain, money buys convenience, rather, or money IS convenient. Money can’t buy spiritual pureness, truth, love, purpose; it can invest in a purpose but it can’t fill any void that the human soul is born with. If you have no money, your poor, and some people are happy this way, they value money in a different way; if you have barely enough to survive you appreciate money and you value every dollar and every minute, but you’re confined; if you have more than enough money your more likely to spend it on vanity, not happiness. It could make you happy for a while but its not natural, its more of a fix: you don’t NEED it.

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