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Social media : For better or worse?

Facebook, Twitter and all other sorts of social media is surely helping a lot of people but are the negative effects of social media overriding the good ones? I am an immigrant to Canada. I have friends from my country of origin. Facebook, for most part, gives me the ability to connect with them. I can be updated to their lives although we are miles apart. My mother can keep in touch with all her relatives through Facebook. Years back, it would cost a lot of money to keep in touch and now everything is so convenient ; thanks to the Internet!

I, myself, being a teenager understand the pros and cons of social media. Facebook, for instance maybe capable of joining hearts all over the world but it is also responsible for a lot of cyber bullying, low self esteem of girls and the wrong messages being sent to the youth of all countries. Needless to say, we all get more attracted to the bad. Teenagers, young adults posting photos of drinking, partying and “having fun” is influencing the younger people. I can tell you that with confidence because I have been there. I was in the idea that it is the “cool” thing to do. If you didn’t know how to party and didn’t know how to keep control of yourself when drinking then you were never going to have friends. But now, as I see myself as a person who is capable of influencing others through social media I am always posting statuses about donations, charities and other ways to help  the world.

Have I not partied? Yes, I have had my fair share of parties and I must tell you I am not a big fan. This article may be partial towards the belief that you do not need to drink and party to make friends. But, also through this article I want to prove my point that anything that is prohibited by the law is because of a certain reason.

I was really close to having a fake id made for myself. But, then I told myself that it wasn’t worth it as I am not the party kind. I don’t mind hanging out with friends and having coke. But, I don’t necessarily need to drink to have fun. I was suffering of really low self esteem. Again, thanks to all the photos that would pop up on my news feed on Facebook. I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough. I would want to be like other girls who were “pretty”. No, it’s not only social media to blame. It’s the whole concept of displaying yourself out there for what? I really have no idea. I am also a person who changes their profile picture often. Everyone asks me the reason. I don’t have an answer for them. But, I know why I would usually compare my photos with other girls and I needed my photos to be better than theirs.

When I come to the topic of cyber bullying I know there is not a much for me to say because recent cases have been all over the television.

Twitter, on the other hand is always about putting others down. There are many trending topics which have made me wonder why people are so rude.


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