I,me aur main- Movie Review

I,me aur main has a title that gives away the whole movie. You can just figure by the title of the movie that the movie is about a person who is over confident,self obsessed and unapologetic about his wrongdoings.
The only reason I spent $12 on a movie ticket is because of John Abraham. I thought how bad the movie can be if John is the protagonist. Chitragdha Singh exceeds all expectations. I was impressed by her acting skills. I am just disappointed that the directors did not use her talent to the best. Prachi Desai’s role was confusing. I get that Singh’s character was to be the strong woman carrying her pre marital pregnancy with courage but what was Prachi’s role? She is the magic woman WHO CHANGES THE GUY. She is the one talking to the guy, she is the one inviting him over, she is the one giving him all indications to make a move on her.
The ending was STRANGE because Gauri (Ishaan’s love) asks him to go to Paris with her despite knowing that he has a child in India. She basically wants him to MOVE ON with her leaving his daughter. But, the ending , 8 months later is showing how they are all civil and “mature” for that matter. Chitragha (Anushka) got married to her friend and Gauri is in Paris face timing with John..telling him how his daughter is the best thing that ever happened to him.
The movie is an absolute waste of money, energy and patience. You know everything that happens …it’s all so predictable. Of course, Bollywood is the dreamland where in all movies DREAMS COME TRUE so the launch made by Ishaan’s company did amazingly well without rehearsal they could all dance naturally to the song that’s been assigned to the singer LAST MINUTE.
About time Bollywood focuses less on glamour. Content is lacking in all the movies mostly. The last two movies I watched were Race 2 and Student of the Year. Both being big disappointments. I knew this wasn’t good to be good but I was waiting for the movie to surprise me.
My rating – 0.5/ 5
Oh but I liked the songs of the movie.


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