Most of my friends,readers and family members know what my dream profession is. I always knew I will end up in a law school ; possibly Yale Law School. Given my academic accomplishments, Yale is highly unlikely unless a miracle is waiting to happen. But practically speaking, I am hoping to get into a good enough law school to successfully attain my J.D.
As I have mentioned a couple of times, I took this year off. I know you must be wondering why I took the year off. I took the year off because of increasing personal problems and unstable circumstances. I was certain my entry into University would soon result into a dropout/ kick out. Hence I gave up going to school this year.
Anyway, now coming back to the main topic. We are only allowed to give the LSAT test 3 times in 4 years. I have already started preparing. What if I fail? What if I cannot get a good enough score?
So this category will give you insight onto my preparations, the websites I use, the crosswords I play, the articles I read etc.
I hope you guys enjoy this journey with me. There is nothing more I love than Law. I have always seen myself as a lawyer, wearing high heels and walking through the streets of Manhattan. It’s good to dream? Isn’t it? It will keep you going.


One thought on “LSAT Prep

  1. “There is nothing more I love than Law” <— I totally share that sentiment. Good luck to you! I'm embarking on a similar journey. I want law school so bad that I dream about it, but the LSAT is a scary animal.

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