Never Too Far – Disappointment

Let me begin with talking about my anticipation for the sequal of fallen too far , never too far! I was counting days till the release date. I even BOUGHT it. I rarely buy books (I download them for free). This has got the be the most annoying book I’ve read in a while. I have so much respect for Abbi Glines. I love her writing style. The first book was amazing, it kept you hooked. I skipped chapters through this book.
Brief summary :
Rush : “I love her. Blaire is beautiful. Why is Woods protecting her? Why is Jimmy talking to her? Why did Blaire’s ex boyfriend come to me? ” I really did have a Rush crush when I was reading fallen too far. But, this guy is desperate and annoying. Even Nan was more appealing than him.
Blaire : She was portrayed as a strong, intelligent, innocent and strong willed young girl in the first book. In the second? Well, she is only ” thinking” . She wants to maintain distance from Rush yet she accepts a ride from him. Even she became an issue in between. Rush went for lunch with a lady. The lady could be anyone. Pathetic.
The only likeable character in the whole book was Woods. I cannot wait for Too Far #3.
I just hope he doesn’t behave as dumbly as Rush.
Let’s get to the ” suspense” part : Nan isn’t Blaire’s Father’s daughter. Her father left them because he felt guilty for running the red light hence he pretended to be Nan’s father.
I really hope Rush shut up about how much money he has, he is always talking about money ..OH MY GOD!


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