Nets and Lies – Katie Ashley (review)

I fell in love with the author, Katie Ashley, after reading her books “The Proposition” and “The Proposal”. Though, those stories were very ordinary but it was VERY romantic. When I searched Katie Ashley on epubbud, I found nets and lies hence I downloaded it on my Ipod ( yes, I read on my Ipod). Little did I expect to fall in love with this book so much! I literally finished the book in a few hours.
Katie Ashley’s previous books which I read were so romantic and the woman has real talent for writing romance. I never quite expected her to tackle an issue as grave as sexual abuse and bullying but when she did, I was nothing but impressed.
The book is from two viewpoints. Melanie and Jordan, who couldn’t be anymore different than each other. Jordan is the popular, known as a “slut” girl whereas Melanie is the captain of the school’s basketball team and also a great student. Melanie is the “star” of the school whereas Jordan frequently gets in trouble.
Before I read the book, I hoped to related to Melanie more than I did with Jordan but I ended up loving her character more. I should have hated her because ..oh well, you’ll know. But, I ended up loving her character the most. She is flawed yet she is loveable, and the more you read the book the more you’ll know why she is the way she is.
Melanie, is a victim who is afraid to speak up for what the society will say or what her boyfriend will say. I don’t blame her but this book gives you an insight into all of those victims’ lives who kept shut and while we think it’s easy for them to speak, it isn’t always.
I highly recommend this book. It is a well written, engaging book. Please do read it.


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