Think Positive!

I am procrastinating on preparing for my LSAT exam! I mean I know I have a long way to go, I am only 19 but what if my UGPA is bad at the end of University? What if I can’t stand up to my expectations? I need a strong LSAT score to be able to go to Law School. LSAT is my only hope even if I get a poor GPA at my undergraduate studies. Which I should not! But, what if I do? My university starts in September. I took this year off! I have a gap year and I did not utilize this time properly. This is end of March already!
There is absolutely no way I can be anything but a lawyer. NO WAY!
Okay, so if I am completely honest I did begin studying for LSAT ..Well , kind of!
I solve crosswords everyday. I fail all of them but I will be okay. Patience is key, positivity is the way to go!
I am also brushing up on my math skills, I mean they say Math Student do best on LSATs . Maybe I will do well if I start practicing Math everyday.
LSAT questions are lengthy. It takes all of my patience away!


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