love my IPad Mini

After a good debate with myself, I decided on an IPad mini. My sole intent was iBooks with illegal books and a big screen! I love this thing, and I am giving my opinion on this ! To begin with I am not at all knowledgable about technology but all I care about is convenience.

1. The size of the mini is awesome! The IPad is too big for me. After reading with the Kobo Mini , this is amazing for me.

2. Convenience : I use a MacBook Pro and an IPod. So having an IPad is just another addition to my apple family of tech. But that’s not the point, I don’t have to connect the USB and load photos (thanks to photo stream) and I can use this to write out documents using pages!

3. iBooks! Enough said !

Singing voice

How can people sing so well
I have this really raspy voice , I am not complaining. To be honest, I like my voice the way it is !
But I dislike my singing voice.
Everyone almost seems to have a nice singing voice.

I love my cat

I don’t think I would ever be able to love like a mother if it wasn’t for my Katy. People make fun of me because I treat Katy like a person but I can’t help it. She spends more of the day with me, she is so expressive, and I know animals have the ability to love. My cat certainly does.

Yoga is loving yourself

I know many people are inclined to yoga because of the weight loss aspect to it but truth is there are so many benefits connected to a single way of life ; Yoga. Yoga teaches you to control your mind and body. It relaxes you, takes away your stress while you are doing your body some good. I am aware most people can’t find the time to go to a yoga class, but you do not have to go to a yoga class to be able to do yoga.
In this busy routine we often tend to neglect our bodies but we can do our body a small favor of 10-15 minutes of Yoga each day. YouTube, Pinterest are all great sources to Yoga tutorials, poses and tips.
I also noticed my yoga session is more effective when I drink green tea in the morning / 2 hours prior to my yoga session.

My life’s biggest problem


So I found out some ways to lessen the problem

1. Avoid drinking too much water. There is a fine difference between staying hydrated and stuffed with too much water. Too much water can make your cheek area swell which makes your cheeks look even chubbier.

2. Cut down Sugar ! My biggest bad habit is sugar ! I am a dessert lover ! But if you need sugar , pour a tbsp sugar in water and drink up. Avoid anything sugary for the rest of the day.

3. DIET : I know we have heard this ever since we were born, but the truth is more vegetables less oil, less salt can reduce puffiness.

4. Any exercise with high intensity : my personal favorites are fat burning exercises ! They are more intense which is harder but every bead of sweat is worth it.

5. Fruits : fruits are great to snack on, replace fruits as occasional snacks.

10 beauty tips

10 things I definitely learned while working as a makeup artist :

– moisturizer is as good as primer for oily skin. If you have an oily skin refrain from putting in a primer. If you do need the reassurance, use very little primer.

– concealer is a great highlighter, but highlighter is NOT a concealer!

– eye primer is a must !

– sponge applicators are lifesavers

– darker the skin tone , tone down on the blush

– your skin’s health can be well understood by anyone if you don’t do a good job, first the eyes and then the face!

– contouring should only be done on the temples and parts of your cheek area depending on the kind of cheekbones you have !

– if you want to look naturally pretty , don’t use highlighters and visible shaded blushes

– avoid using lipstick and lipgloss together , mostly the colors look plastic

– while applying foundation, always apply downward