Count your blessings !

I am thankful for

1. For all the good things
2. For all the hardships , because it only makes me stronger
3. For the extra weight I have gained , it means I am able to eat well
4. For all the times my mom supported me
5. For all chocolates , desserts I eat
6. For all the times my culinary skills impress others
7. For all the times I have made good decisions
8. For listening to my heart though I knew I might regret it later
9. For letting me repent the things I shouldn’t have done
10. For the people I have
11. For the people I meet and the way they inspire me
12. For making my life easier through technology
13. For giving me things I want
14. For helping me choose my destination
15. For all the times I hated people around me , only to realize I am alone when in need
16. For giving me people who love me unconditionally
17. For the best cat in the world
18. For letting me be a mother
19. For giving me every joy one could have
20. For keeping me healthy
21. For keeping me away from sickness
22. For making me fortunate
23. For helping me
24. For family
25. For life
26. For my hair
27. For my senses
28. For my food
29. For my happiness
30. For my sadness


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