I love my cat

I don’t think I would ever be able to love like a mother if it wasn’t for my Katy. People make fun of me because I treat Katy like a person but I can’t help it. She spends more of the day with me, she is so expressive, and I know animals have the ability to love. My cat certainly does.


2 thoughts on “I love my cat

  1. ashleighhanchett says:

    i understand…a lot. 🙂 we put our heart and souls into our pets. they are our companions,and after time they begin to adapt some of our human like qualities. Its proof of our love and attentiveness as critter parents.

    • Yes, a few days ago our car ,eat with am accident. Unfortunately my cat was also in the car, in her cage. My mom was driving when she turned left, oncoming traffic hit her. Consequently, Katy’s cage broke and she was terrified! When I realized we’d all survived, I was only scared for my cat and that day I realized she will always be my first baby. You have a cat too?

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