Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani – A very honest opinion

Truth be told, I didn’t plan on watching Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, simply because I was annoyed of Ranbir and Deepika’s oh-we-are-good-friends statements as we already know how they couldn’t see eye to eye for quite a while. Deepika’s most absurd statement was they’ve been friends from the day they broke up. What was that on Koffee With Karan Deeps?
Before I read those interviews, I was looking forward to their movie.

I was in a very bad state, it was pouring outside, I had money on my card so I thought I would just go watch this movie which is playing in the theatre. So I did, and I was pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to even LIKE this movie. The past movies I watched in the theatre wasting my hard earned money turned out to be downright disappointments so I thought this would be no exception. I wouldn’t say this is one of the best bollywood movies I have ever watched but I wasn’t bored. I have to admit Dpad has a long way to go, this is just the beginning of her amazing movie career ahead. The movie does not have an exceptional story, it’s a regular bollywood story but what makes it amazing is the friendship between Bunny, Naina, Avi and Aditi. I loved Aditya Roy and Kalki. They did so great in their respective roles that I was shocked.

YJHD’s plus point is the movie is produced by the ever loved Karan Johar, the songs are amazing and Ranbir-Deepika have an amazing screen presence. I love Deepika and Ranbir’s chemistry , they look so good together. Deepika looks gorgeous, Ranbir makes me wish I get to marry him someday.

The ending was good, the movie was romantic, entertaining to some extent, the songs made me wanna dance in the theatre so I was pleased with my decision to watch this movie. But if you’re one looking for an extraordinary movie with an exceptional story then this is not for you. But if you are like me, who is content in just seeing Ranbir-Deeps on screen then go ahead.

My favorite song from the whole movie is Balaam Pichkaari 😉

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

I do not know what got into me when I added “read all Nicholas S books” to my Pinterest bucket list. 
But, I do not really regret my decision. I love him, his books, and I love how he believes in love. It’s good to know men believe in love, and Nicholas S is one of those guys who make me restore my faith in men. 
However, having said that The Notebook was a BIG disappointment. 

I have a difference in opinion then that of Nicholas. He believes love can happen at any age and it can be strong love, the love which one can’t raise a finger at. 
But I felt like banging my head on my Ipod reading Noah and Allie’s story. 

My first problem with the book was I couldn’t get past 10 pages  in the beginning. I had to literally force myself to read it. The book was short but long only because I found it to be extraordinarily boring.  Allie was 15, Noah was 17 they met after 12 years , spent 2 days together and Allie dumped her fiancee to be with him. Someone please kill me. I found no logic in their story.

I did find like the book only when Noah was the old man visiting his wife Allie who is suffering from Amnesia. It’s a book which will make you realize nothing lasts forever. I just wish the story of Noah and Allie was stronger. But I liked the older people’s story , I cried at one point, and I love Nicholas only because you can NEVER fully hate a book. At one point, you will fall in love with the book. 

Are we really good or plain evil?

The fact that we don’t consider animals a valid form of life hence expose them to all kinds of torture, cruelty, slaughter them for meat , fur, leather is the best example of our cruelty. When I talk to someone about ending animal cruelty, they say “first end poverty, then animals”. My question is WHY do they come second? They are the ones who provide for us indirectly for which we are able to eat, wear good clothes, wear expensive shoes then why do they come last and we come first? Just because they cannot talk , we are superior? Just because they have four legs , they are inferior? I sometimes fail to fathom WHY is it that Th.e world is so cruel that they do not even spare innocent living beings? Why are we so selfish?

Why is education important?

Why is education important? 
Is it because education gives one a “status” in society? Or is it because if you have a “good” education you will have a highly paid job? Or is it because one needs handwork, dedication and perseverance to complete a “good” education and by having exactly that you’re proving to be intelligent? 
I do not know why and what makes education as important but what I do know is education is not as important as being happy in what one does. I wish everyone understood that it’s easy to make a living by swallowing up whatever life throws at you no matter how much you despise it. But it’s important and necessary to make a life they love, a life they can be proud of, a life where the choices they make will never be regretted. 
I want to be a lawyer, I have always wanted to be one, I want to help people who need it. But, sometimes I wonder if I want to be a lawyer for myself or for the society. And that’s when I am extremely confused.

Confessions of an underweight unfit girl

I am one of those people who is suppose to go for a morning run the following day but chooses to sleep in, then spends the day pleasing my sweet tooth. 
To be honest, I am underweight. I weigh quite less for my height but I do have fat. It’s not as visible to others (Thank God for lose clothing) but I would rather not have fat!
I have a lot of bad habits, a lot! 
– I have a problem, I can’t keep my hands off the cookie jar!
– My tomorrow never comes!
– I do not drink water.
– I am always slacking when I am supposed to be in the gym. 
– I CANNOT live without sweets, anything , I just need something sweet!

Do I not understand the consequences of my negligence? Of course I do! But as I said I always plan to do it “tomorrow” and it never happens! 
My other problem is, I would rather do other things. Somehow exercise is never on my top priority list although somewhere I do understand in order to live and stay focused I DO NEED TO EXERCISE!

My food habits? They are the worst.