Makeup tips I have learned

This weekend was quite a bumpy weekend considering I had my cousin’s wedding to attend and I was in no mood for a wedding. But the good thing is while I was there, I met a professional makeup artist who excels at bridal makeup. My makeup , however was suitable for event makeup looks.

1. Eyeliner brushes are the best for cat eyes, you can ever slightly dip the brush in the water.
2. Matte lipsticks are amazing for events. Do not mess it up with gloss.
3. If you want to avoid looking like a cake face, get a BB cream and evenly apply through the areas of your face.
4. A perfect base for the face begins with a moisturizer, ends with a blush.
5. An eyeliner on your water line can make a huge difference.
6. Smoky eyes never look good on round faces.
7. First do your eye makeup and then move on to the face if you’re messy with your eye
8. Draw a V on your outer lid and carefully blend it
9. Bronzer is unnecessary if you do not want to contour your face.
10. Darker the outfit, lighter the blush.

P.S – These are all makeup tips for events, party makeups!


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