Confessions of an underweight unfit girl

I am one of those people who is suppose to go for a morning run the following day but chooses to sleep in, then spends the day pleasing my sweet tooth. 
To be honest, I am underweight. I weigh quite less for my height but I do have fat. It’s not as visible to others (Thank God for lose clothing) but I would rather not have fat!
I have a lot of bad habits, a lot! 
– I have a problem, I can’t keep my hands off the cookie jar!
– My tomorrow never comes!
– I do not drink water.
– I am always slacking when I am supposed to be in the gym. 
– I CANNOT live without sweets, anything , I just need something sweet!

Do I not understand the consequences of my negligence? Of course I do! But as I said I always plan to do it “tomorrow” and it never happens! 
My other problem is, I would rather do other things. Somehow exercise is never on my top priority list although somewhere I do understand in order to live and stay focused I DO NEED TO EXERCISE!

My food habits? They are the worst. 



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