Why is education important?

Why is education important? 
Is it because education gives one a “status” in society? Or is it because if you have a “good” education you will have a highly paid job? Or is it because one needs handwork, dedication and perseverance to complete a “good” education and by having exactly that you’re proving to be intelligent? 
I do not know why and what makes education as important but what I do know is education is not as important as being happy in what one does. I wish everyone understood that it’s easy to make a living by swallowing up whatever life throws at you no matter how much you despise it. But it’s important and necessary to make a life they love, a life they can be proud of, a life where the choices they make will never be regretted. 
I want to be a lawyer, I have always wanted to be one, I want to help people who need it. But, sometimes I wonder if I want to be a lawyer for myself or for the society. And that’s when I am extremely confused.


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