The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

I do not know what got into me when I added “read all Nicholas S books” to my Pinterest bucket list. 
But, I do not really regret my decision. I love him, his books, and I love how he believes in love. It’s good to know men believe in love, and Nicholas S is one of those guys who make me restore my faith in men. 
However, having said that The Notebook was a BIG disappointment. 

I have a difference in opinion then that of Nicholas. He believes love can happen at any age and it can be strong love, the love which one can’t raise a finger at. 
But I felt like banging my head on my Ipod reading Noah and Allie’s story. 

My first problem with the book was I couldn’t get past 10 pages  in the beginning. I had to literally force myself to read it. The book was short but long only because I found it to be extraordinarily boring.  Allie was 15, Noah was 17 they met after 12 years , spent 2 days together and Allie dumped her fiancee to be with him. Someone please kill me. I found no logic in their story.

I did find like the book only when Noah was the old man visiting his wife Allie who is suffering from Amnesia. It’s a book which will make you realize nothing lasts forever. I just wish the story of Noah and Allie was stronger. But I liked the older people’s story , I cried at one point, and I love Nicholas only because you can NEVER fully hate a book. At one point, you will fall in love with the book. 


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