5 simple changes in my lifestyle

– I eat almonds (the plain ones) apparently it tightens your tummy and it’s also healthy!
– I take the stairs when I feel like it. I live on the 12th floor and kind of out of shape. So it burns a few calories.
– I wear a hat to prevent odd tans on my forehead.
– I workout just before taking a shower, so I don’t feel like taking a shower with hot water which is extremely harmful to the skin.
– I became a vegan, so food restrictions are more now.


Why I am not “fit” for a regular job

So today I am sharing with you my deepest secret ; I am not capable to work a full time job or anything that requires me to work under someone. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bossy or arrogant. I just very sad when people talk rudely to me or show attitude. That happened with me at KFC and I immediately quit. I never regret quitting KFC. I knew at that point I was right but I could make income with that job today. Anyway I am not sad or anything but I reached the conclusion I am better off working as a photographer or makeup artist. Although I will be working for someone but it won’t require me to work under someone for a long time (freelance though).

Coming to a more realistic version of my story ; the truth is my basics are met. I do need to worry about paying the bills ( I do about my credit card though) , paying the rent and buying groceries. I live with my mom and I am still not off to college. But sometimes I wonder if I have it too easy?

I know someday when life throws lemons at me and all these responsibilities throw themselves at me I might have to give up and go and work “under” someone but that day scares me and I honestly don’t want to ever face that day.

You’ve to understand my roots though. I come from a family where when I mention their money isn’t my money they start yelling at me as if I’ve committed a sin by even mentioning it.

Sometimes I think I am too dependent, I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable! But I feel secured, I know worst comes worst I will go with $0.00 on my bank account and still have a shelter over my head,will have food and a loving family. So at the end of the day, I am blessed.

5 apps I love using on my IPad !

WORDPRESS: I love using WP on my IPad. The app had a few bugs which has been fixed, so now it is very simple to use.

PINTEREST: I rarely ever used Pinterest on my Mac. I live using it on my IPad or iPod. I use Pinterest as an inspiration especially for wedding photos, poses, and DIY stuff.

TWITTER : Twitter is another app which I’ve never really used on my Mac. I always use my phone/IPad. I love keeping tabs on my favorite celebs, reading trends on twitter and also looking at photos!

FLICKR STUDIO : as a hobbyist photographer I love to look at other people’s works. I also look at how the photo was composed etc and this app is perfect. I can swipe and go to the next photo.

GOODREADS: I love goodreads. It’s the best thing ever, thanks to goodreads I’m able to keep up to date with new books, favorite authors etc. the app is extremely convenient. I can go to my shelves, write reviews , I’ve ratings etc.

My daughter’s problem

My first daughter who happens to have 4 legs is driving me crazyyy !!
She naps every time and wants more food. For instance she ate 9 times today.
She keeps crying and annoying my mom until she gets her way.
But it’s getting way too much , I don’t mind giving her food but she is eating too much which can be unhealthy.
I got dry food , canned food, have a separate shelf for her food.
I give her different things every time but something is off.

How important is the lens you use?

Hi guys ,
So here comes another post from me after having ice cream today , which I swore off but okay weekend came to an end and so did my unhealthy food consumption.
But today I wanted to discuss how important is a VERY expensive camera (canon 5D mark III) for instance (which I’m completely gaga over).
I am mostly into shooting portraits and weddings. I barely do any of those sessions where I’d need a wide angle lens. Though for engagement shoots , having one would be nice but I try to work around my very basic Canon T3i with a 18-55mm lens. Though the quality isn’t as nice as more expensive cameras but as I shoot people and as long as they look good my photos come out good, it all works out. I have been very blessed to be paid for shooting with such a basic camera but my theory is one should always learn what they’re doing with a basic camera and then jump on to more expensive ones. Having a wedding gear with expensive bodies and lenses would be nice but as long as I don’t muster my hobby I am not heading for it!