How important is the lens you use?

Hi guys ,
So here comes another post from me after having ice cream today , which I swore off but okay weekend came to an end and so did my unhealthy food consumption.
But today I wanted to discuss how important is a VERY expensive camera (canon 5D mark III) for instance (which I’m completely gaga over).
I am mostly into shooting portraits and weddings. I barely do any of those sessions where I’d need a wide angle lens. Though for engagement shoots , having one would be nice but I try to work around my very basic Canon T3i with a 18-55mm lens. Though the quality isn’t as nice as more expensive cameras but as I shoot people and as long as they look good my photos come out good, it all works out. I have been very blessed to be paid for shooting with such a basic camera but my theory is one should always learn what they’re doing with a basic camera and then jump on to more expensive ones. Having a wedding gear with expensive bodies and lenses would be nice but as long as I don’t muster my hobby I am not heading for it!



One thought on “How important is the lens you use?

  1. Canon 5d MII works great to and costs less. My advice is always spend money on good glass first as they last longer than bodies. Make sure you get lenses that work with full frame and aps-c bodies. If you are shooting people wide and ultra wide lenses are not good because of the overall distortion of facial features.

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