5 apps I love using on my IPad !

WORDPRESS: I love using WP on my IPad. The app had a few bugs which has been fixed, so now it is very simple to use.

PINTEREST: I rarely ever used Pinterest on my Mac. I live using it on my IPad or iPod. I use Pinterest as an inspiration especially for wedding photos, poses, and DIY stuff.

TWITTER : Twitter is another app which I’ve never really used on my Mac. I always use my phone/IPad. I love keeping tabs on my favorite celebs, reading trends on twitter and also looking at photos!

FLICKR STUDIO : as a hobbyist photographer I love to look at other people’s works. I also look at how the photo was composed etc and this app is perfect. I can swipe and go to the next photo.

GOODREADS: I love goodreads. It’s the best thing ever, thanks to goodreads I’m able to keep up to date with new books, favorite authors etc. the app is extremely convenient. I can go to my shelves, write reviews , I’ve ratings etc.


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