Why I am not “fit” for a regular job

So today I am sharing with you my deepest secret ; I am not capable to work a full time job or anything that requires me to work under someone. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bossy or arrogant. I just very sad when people talk rudely to me or show attitude. That happened with me at KFC and I immediately quit. I never regret quitting KFC. I knew at that point I was right but I could make income with that job today. Anyway I am not sad or anything but I reached the conclusion I am better off working as a photographer or makeup artist. Although I will be working for someone but it won’t require me to work under someone for a long time (freelance though).

Coming to a more realistic version of my story ; the truth is my basics are met. I do need to worry about paying the bills ( I do about my credit card though) , paying the rent and buying groceries. I live with my mom and I am still not off to college. But sometimes I wonder if I have it too easy?

I know someday when life throws lemons at me and all these responsibilities throw themselves at me I might have to give up and go and work “under” someone but that day scares me and I honestly don’t want to ever face that day.

You’ve to understand my roots though. I come from a family where when I mention their money isn’t my money they start yelling at me as if I’ve committed a sin by even mentioning it.

Sometimes I think I am too dependent, I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable! But I feel secured, I know worst comes worst I will go with $0.00 on my bank account and still have a shelter over my head,will have food and a loving family. So at the end of the day, I am blessed.


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