Tips on self discipline :

Hi Guys,
If you guys already know I have a never ending battle with procrastination and I always find myself cramming the night before an important task. But, I am getting better at self discipline, these are something that work for me :

– YOGA ( I can’t stress on the importance of Yoga in my daily life)
РReading  : Reading is an activity that requires your full concentration. Dedicate at least half hour to an hour to a book every day.
– Have a to-do- list.
– Keep a busy schedule, so you have no time to be lazy.
– Do something you LOVE, and make that the reward of not procrastinating.
– Understand Procrastination is one habit that has the ability to ruin your life.
– Work around the clock, make yourself a robot and make it a habit it do EVERYTHING on time.
– Don’t learn it the hard way like me.

Procrastination ruined me :
Getting late – quitting job- financial problems- debt issues

although, I am doing better now but it is a learning process and don’t learn it like me.


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