Imperfection 1 – my academic status

I am a year out of high school, and I can very proudly say I have still not decided where I want to head further. I like photography but I don’t see myself being a full time photographer in the future. I like makeup , fashion but I don’t see a career in any of them. I also like reading/ writing but I cannot imagine myself being a primary school teacher or even a freelance writer. So what do I do? Go to University, get a degree and get a job. Well, that’s ideal, considering my mom would give up anything to send me to any post secondary institution.
Despite my mom’s assumption that my academic status of not going anywhere is pulling me back from my social and regular life, I can PROUDLY say I have never been so  proud of myself as I am today. I do not regret not going to a regular post secondary institution right now. I have read too many books, talked to too many people and really came out of the “time is slipping away” mentality my mom goes on and on about.
I do consider it an imperfection because I still don’t know what I want to do. I find it completely useless to pursue a degree in something that I might not like or even worse get enrolled, lose interest and fail courses ..eventually drop out!
” Always do what you want to do”
” live for YOURSELF”
” live for people in need”
” do something for the WORLD”

Do I think education and a degree is useless? OF COURSE NOT. I still intend to go back to school but I don’t know if it is in January 2014 or September 2014. As long as I do something meanwhile, I am good and happy.


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