Random rant against my mom

My mom thinks I am the most irresponsible person ever yet she doesn’t want me to work? (photographing people). Regardless of how much I am earning (which is fairly low), my mom thinks I should just “concentrate” on my education. I don’t intend to go back to school before the next 6 months. So what should I study? 
Okay, and then today when I wanted to get a hot stone massage with my own money (she would kill me if I told her I was getting a massage for $125) , she heard me reserving a spot with the cashier at the spa. Of course, the girl thought she was just a mom “shopping” with her daughter, but when I was leaving the Spa and the girl told me when my appointment is, my mom quickly interrupted and said “take your card” and the cashier said “sure” and wrote down my appointment date and time. I don’t mind my mom but then she should really stop telling me I should be independent and never let me grow up. I was so embarrassed in front of the cashier. I wanted to cry.

whatever, i love my mom even if she gets on my nerves sometimes. 


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