Photography is for everyone!

I think if I can take “okay” photos , anyone can. 
The thing is though people think photography is simple as it only requires a good enough camera and basic editing skills.
But things get complex when you look deeper into it. 
Photography goes beyond the “good camera” when you have to keep investing on lens, camera bodies, memory cards, batteries etc. 
Also, for instance, you are into wedding photography or family events photography like me you will see that event photography is far more complex than people actually let on. 
People will come to you and say “can we have a photo please” while there will be others who would just notice you and shy away from the camera. 
In this very long process, you will also come across people from different mindsets, backgrounds and traditions. 
People assume “brown” people are all alike and they have same rituals. But the reality is, I learn everyday from every event I do. 
In my year of experience , I was very lucky to not come across obnoxious clients. I did have a few “demanding” clients but they are very sweet and I am still in touch with them. 
As a regular event photographer, the only advice I can ever give any aspiring event photographer is to do everything that comes your way. 
Do everything YOUR way, don’t copy anyone’s ideas or concepts. There are some famous wedding poses but I always try to capture the real happiness on the bride and groom’s faces not the posed one. 
I mostly focus on candids, I let them pose here and there but my main focus is never that. 
I also think photography classes can’t teach you anything. Only experience can teach you, and you better understand your camera.