Writing after a month!

Hi my dear readers, 
I am mostly on my Ipad these days hence I do not end up writing blog posts because I absolutely dislike writing blog posts from my iPad.
For the past month, my life was quite boring, I really didn’t have anything to blog about. 

But this is my October update :
I am watching new tv shows ; The Tomorrow People, Trophy Wife, Reign, Betrayal

I was disappointed with Glee, I wanted Cory’s life to be honoured not his character’s hence I will not be watching it anymore. 

Had 1 bad experience with a client , and thereafter decided to not take on people without referrals. 

I am still working on my reading resolution , I was supposed to finish 200 books but I only finished 46 books. I am wondering how I will be able to finish the remaining books by December 31st!!