Dhoom 3- honest review!

I rarely go out of the house to watch first day first show of any movie, but with Dhoom 3 , I not only booked 3 days in advance but also bribed my little brother to watch it (I really wanted Dhoom 3 to get as many viewers as possible). The main attraction for me was Katrina Kaif, she inspires me to work hard and not give up. I don’t mind Aamir either, in fact his movies make me cry which is very rare! Let me begin with saying I had no expectations from Dhoom 3 except to see Katrina in a meaty role. But, as a Kaif fan I am VERY disappointed.
Script : Stronger than the earlier Dhooms. 5 years from now, I will remember the script of the movie however I don’t remember the earlier movies’ scripts.
When it is an Aamir Khan movie, you expect logic but unfortunately character development was very poor in this movie. Where was Aamir’s mom? How did he (Sahir) manage on his own financially all these years? How did Samar survive despite the shock? There was absolutely no information about Katrina’s character! All you know is Samar likes her but even till the end , you don’t know what Aalia feels for Samar !
But the movie is GRAND. You would think it is a hollywood movie with Indian actors and Indian dialogues.
The whole movie revolves around Aamir and his characters.
But Katrina Kaif impresses with her dance and flexibility.
Uday Chopra’s dialogues were good, and funny. Abhishek’s character was not necessary. In fact no characters were necessary except Aamir’s.
But, I think the movie is an entertainer if you watch it on the big screen! Just leave your brains at home, because you’d have far too many questions!