I need IDEAS!

I don’t get to write a lot since my brother mostly uses my macbook and I am using the Ipad ! I am not very comfortable using the ipad for long blog posts so I end up not having blog posts at all. I have still not started school, however I am trying to get my life back in track . I am trying to get rid of all my bad habits (procrastination ) etc , I am also trying to be more active physically and mentally. I am trying to SAVE up , and it’s going really well (probably because my social life is a complete mess especially because I don’t drive and I am too lazy to go out in the stupid weather) whatever the reason may be i saved 90% of my income in January and ended up giving all that for charity (YAY ME) . Now i am looking forward to a productive february though today is the first day and i am already feeling very lazy , if it were up to me I would indulge myself in a Sarah Dessen book and not do anything. But I am trying a lot of vegan recipes, self control, reading and I might start my LSAT prep. I am also thinking about finally applying to an undergrad program since it’s been almost 2 years since I graduated from high school and now I am TRULY fed up of sitting at home and messing up my academic life. What are your suggestions? I don’t know what I should do! 


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