Why being a Muslim vegan is difficult

As my name already suggests, I am a Muslim (or my family is) . I am having issues with faith right now, but my name automatically makes me Muslim , on top of that I am brown and have an accent. Needless to say, whenever I am somewhere ordering food, people ask me why I don’t take dairy/ meat I reply saying because I am vegan. Then I hear why I should eat meat and that meat (as long as it’s HALAL) is permissible in Islam. I know better than to argue so I move on saying I love my cat and I couldn’t imagine someone killing her and eating her meat (in some cultures they do eat cats) so I gave up on meat and dairy altogether. I hear praises but I do hear lectures, not that I mind because everyone in my family are meat lovers I am the black sheep of the family who protests against meat or dairy! 
I think Islam teaches us to be compassionate , and to love the planet and every kind of living thing there is. I sin a lot , but I think Allah will be happy . 


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