25 reasons to go vegan

1. For the animals 
2. For better health 
3. To be disease free (swine flu free) 
4. To expand your horizons ( know more fruits and vegetables) 
5. To try new ways of cooking and baking
6. To stop contributing to the cruelty towards animals by dairy/ fashion / meat / egg industries
7. For better skin
8. To practice self control
9. To learn more about different cultures who practice vegan lifestyle
10. To go more DIY
11. To control your processed food intake
12. To eliminate stereotypes about veganism
13. To expand creativity 
14. You will learn to be obsessed with reading ingredients on the back of anything packaged 
15. To annoy servers at restaurants by asking them if anything contains egg or dairy 
16. To stand out
17. To challenge yourself
18 . To embrace a new lifestyle
19 . To expand knowledge on animal cruelty 
20. To know more about vegan diets and foods eg. beans, lentils, nuts
21. For self satisfaction
22. To explore new vegeterian / vegan restaurants 
23. To be bombarded by “protein intake” questions by friends and family
24. To save approximately 100 animals per year by not eating them
25. To be happier, healthier, more confident 


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