Adoption: Why people don’t care?

I have seen very few cases where people want to adopt unless and until they are infertile. It makes me angry, I find we have so many kids dying of hunger everyday but all people do is donate perhaps 5-10% of their paycheque and they think they have fulfilled their responsibilities. But, no one really wants to adopt “another person’s child” and would prefer to have their own. I don’t blame them because every woman has the right to experience the joy of motherhood. But, is experiencing motherhood limited to baring the child only? Does motherhood not entail the sleepless nights a mother spends to put her kid to sleep? Does it not mean to take part in various activities with their kids? Why can’t motherhood be experienced while rearing up a child in need? 
I once asked my mother why she didn’t ever consider adoption . My mom simply answered because my dad was the only son and they needed his “own” blood. The other reason was people assume the process of adoption is lengthy and time consuming which it is, no doubt but is it not worth it if you can change someone’s life? 
I know of people who didn’t adopt because they think they can’t love someone else’s child the same way they would have loved their own ( A CHILD IS A CHILD, AND YOU ARE BOUND TO LOVE A CHILD IF YOU HAVE MOTHERLY/FATHERLY FEELINGS). 
I know of people who wanted their “blood” to carry their family name. WELL? You are going to be teaching your values, your ideas to your adopted child, how does it matter? Yes, now if you’re more into nature vs nurture then I understand. But,  in my opinion, nurture plays a key role in one’s development as an individual. 
Some people never even have the idea to help, for them having a baby is a natural process so it is our responsibility to spread the word , to advocate for all those kids who don’t have a family. 
I get angry but then I realize it’s not their fault , because we don’t emphasize on the importance of adoption. There is also the problem of people assuming you are gay/ infertile if you adopt kids which is DUMB. 
But can you stop people from talking ? You change the world, take a step and do what you ought to do. 


2 thoughts on “Adoption: Why people don’t care?

    • Yes. but people like you are rare.
      As I said, people aren’t aware of gift of adoption.
      I don’t think we should adopt to be great or anything, but for ourselves because we are so fortunate to have resources to help someone.

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