Animal cruelty – one step at a time

Dear readers, I know I have been moral policing a lot in my last few posts but I can’t help it. I feel terrible that I can’t do anything to change the world, the cruelty. 
Today I want to speak up for all those defenceless animals who are brutally killed for their skin, meat, fur! 

Don’t we love our dogs and cats? How would you feel if your cat/ dog was skinned alive for their fur? Unfortunately, the practice of abusing cats and dogs is common. I don’t know about you but my life revolves around my cat and even if she sneezes one bit I feel like the world is about to collapse. 
Then what gives us the right to wear their skin? Yes, it may not necessarily be cats or dogs but they can be a fox/ bunny. 
The sad thing is all these designers ; Louis Vuitton, Burberry , Chanel use their leather to produce an expensive bag or wallet and we happily keep spending our hard earned money to SUPPORT such practices. 
Yes, by buying these products you are supporting animal cruelty. 
What gives us the right to use their skin or fur? What do they owe us? 

I am not asking you to be vegan right away, but I want to raise awareness and let everyone know that we don’t necessarily have to be vegans to take a stand against animal cruelty. 

I want to tell YOU , no one be it an animal or us no one deserves to be killed/ skinned alive. 

I will be honest and I have spent a lot on designer accessories which were manufactured using their skin / fur BUT I don’t wear them anymore because I don’t want to encourage buying these accessories. 


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