Why Lea Michelle is my role model

Because she is absolutely gorgeous, she is so talented, she is a brilliant actress, an amazing singer, she loves Cory so much and above all, she is so strong!

I love her so much!


5 simple changes in my lifestyle

– I eat almonds (the plain ones) apparently it tightens your tummy and it’s also healthy!
– I take the stairs when I feel like it. I live on the 12th floor and kind of out of shape. So it burns a few calories.
– I wear a hat to prevent odd tans on my forehead.
– I workout just before taking a shower, so I don’t feel like taking a shower with hot water which is extremely harmful to the skin.
– I became a vegan, so food restrictions are more now.

Makeup blunders

The biggest mistake I witnessed makeup artists doing :

1. They literally forget about eyebrows , eyebrows are one of the most Important features.
2. They avoid foundation on the neck
3. They always try to play it safe with smoky eyes
4. Eyes need definition , not too much makeup
5. Contouring should only be done on fashion photography models, not brides or people going to parties unless they want their face to look slimmer
6. Blush should be matte, not shimmery
7. Base should be strong
8. They don’t try to maintain the face color with the rest of the body

Makeup tips I have learned

This weekend was quite a bumpy weekend considering I had my cousin’s wedding to attend and I was in no mood for a wedding. But the good thing is while I was there, I met a professional makeup artist who excels at bridal makeup. My makeup , however was suitable for event makeup looks.

1. Eyeliner brushes are the best for cat eyes, you can ever slightly dip the brush in the water.
2. Matte lipsticks are amazing for events. Do not mess it up with gloss.
3. If you want to avoid looking like a cake face, get a BB cream and evenly apply through the areas of your face.
4. A perfect base for the face begins with a moisturizer, ends with a blush.
5. An eyeliner on your water line can make a huge difference.
6. Smoky eyes never look good on round faces.
7. First do your eye makeup and then move on to the face if you’re messy with your eye
8. Draw a V on your outer lid and carefully blend it
9. Bronzer is unnecessary if you do not want to contour your face.
10. Darker the outfit, lighter the blush.

P.S – These are all makeup tips for events, party makeups!

My life’s biggest problem


So I found out some ways to lessen the problem

1. Avoid drinking too much water. There is a fine difference between staying hydrated and stuffed with too much water. Too much water can make your cheek area swell which makes your cheeks look even chubbier.

2. Cut down Sugar ! My biggest bad habit is sugar ! I am a dessert lover ! But if you need sugar , pour a tbsp sugar in water and drink up. Avoid anything sugary for the rest of the day.

3. DIET : I know we have heard this ever since we were born, but the truth is more vegetables less oil, less salt can reduce puffiness.

4. Any exercise with high intensity : my personal favorites are fat burning exercises ! They are more intense which is harder but every bead of sweat is worth it.

5. Fruits : fruits are great to snack on, replace fruits as occasional snacks.

10 beauty tips

10 things I definitely learned while working as a makeup artist :

– moisturizer is as good as primer for oily skin. If you have an oily skin refrain from putting in a primer. If you do need the reassurance, use very little primer.

– concealer is a great highlighter, but highlighter is NOT a concealer!

– eye primer is a must !

– sponge applicators are lifesavers

– darker the skin tone , tone down on the blush

– your skin’s health can be well understood by anyone if you don’t do a good job, first the eyes and then the face!

– contouring should only be done on the temples and parts of your cheek area depending on the kind of cheekbones you have !

– if you want to look naturally pretty , don’t use highlighters and visible shaded blushes

– avoid using lipstick and lipgloss together , mostly the colors look plastic

– while applying foundation, always apply downward

A new mantra!

Hi Beauties!
I figured out a new scrubbing method. See, I have never been a fan of expensive products as I believe they only do their job temporarily.
I recommend mixing olive oil with sugar and massaging it on your face for 5 minutes.
It works , trust me.
I used to use St.Ives scrub but then I don’t have faith in chemicals anymore.
Probably, it’s the effect of me being a vegetarian now.