How my financial crises affected my sponsored children

So this is a post filled with regret and apologies. I feel so bad to let down my previous sponsored children.
I was going through a BAD financial time by the end of October. My credit cards were maxed, my debit had an overdraft, and I was also late making my payments to World Vision. I was sponsoring a boy from Bangladesh and a girl from Costa Rica.
(I did not borrow money from my mom, because I only wanted to pay from my OWN money). So there came the time of January when I sorted my debts (my mom paid them all) and I had outdone the limit again. Post January I was in this anti social, pro natural life etc. So , I basically didn’t work , I was only baby sitting a child for a few hours a week where I hardly got paid anything. Whatever I got paid, I paid towards my card with the highest interest.
Then, in June, something happened and I decided to get back to my photography business. I hardly make any money but good enough for myself. Now when I got paid + gifts from family etc I was able to clear somewhat of my debt.
I called World Vision and I asked to make all the payments , I was informed the children I was sponsoring was now taken by someone else. I was paying $80 a month ( I know the approaching season will be slow for my business) hence i decided to take up one child.
This time, I didn’t want to take any risks so I paid 4 months in advance ($150) hence I don’t have to worry about it till December. Isn’t that amazing?
So now i have decided I will put some money aside especially for my sponsored child so whenever I mess up my accounts it doesn’t affect her. I should be more responsible, so I already put one of my payments aside in my savings account ($35) but I have vowed to not touch it no matter how much I need it.

Why you should Sponsor a child ?

No matter how irresponsible you are (if you are more than me, which I highly doubt) I think you get the feeling that you have to do something for someone else. I mean granted I was late by 9 months but I still thought that money would eventually go to the kids so I made the payments.
Sponsoring a child will also give you the feeling of happiness. This year has been my worst year, well somewhat it was terrible but I think this part of my year makes me VERY happy. I was able to do something for someone who really needed it.
I know people are worried if their money is going to the right place, but hello, you can spend $20 on a meal and $30 on a top and you can’t spend $40 on a person who really needs it? We have to take risks, right?

Go Sponsor a child NOW


Good news and bad news!

So , again I have to talk about my credit situation today!
The GOOD NEWS : One of my cards had a limit of $300 , interests increased it to $600 and I paid $100 off and the company said I will be able to use my card again if I clear at least $300 more. Isn’t that awesome?
BAD NEWS: I never went to my gym, but I have $500 due with them.
BAD NEWS: I have an overdraft of $200 with my bank and I still can’t understand WHY.

My financial problems – never ending

I am in debt of over 2000 (I successfully did manage to pay off $500)
I am still very much unemployed but thanks to gifts on my birthday
I keep receiving notice from capital one to pay off my money (I owed 400, it increased to 550)
I will be paying $150 for no reason
Even worse is after I pay it off, I can’t use it anymore! So that’s why I’m putting off paying it

Why I am unemployed :
– because I hated my previous job, and the jobs I do want they never come to me!

So what should I do? I have 0 income and stupid credit card bills are driving me crazy.


I don’t even earn $50 a week. I don’t know how I am supposed to pay off my bills. OMG! I have an outstanding balance of $400 in one of my cards and it’s badly affecting my credit history. Sometimes I feel the urge of going and confessing my money handling issues to my mother but I don’t want to prove to my mom how worthless I am. It was only the other day that I told her I was going to be “independent”.
Nothing is working out. I don’t know what I should do anymore.

Debt !

Despite of my wise poses on materialism and showing off, I have to admit that I have given into the north american life of materialism. That said, the spending phase was about 3 months ago. After that whole thing, I took a break from my materialistic ways and I am happy going into other worlds through books and television for now. I owe my bank, credit card company close to $2100. I am looking for a job but since I quit KFC suddenly , reference isn’t working out well. I am looking for jobs and jobs and jobs but no luck.
I can easily ask my mom to pay off and she will be glad to but since she already paid off $6000 four months ago I think it will not be fair to ask her again.
So I figured out some ways of saving money when I am earning (right now I am not)
– save $100 a week
– start paying off credit card companies slowly
– cut back on luxury (buying starbucks, donuts, ice cream)
– save money by walking to places
– save money by drinking water instead of soda
– understand the consequences of having a bad credit history