My daughter’s problem

My first daughter who happens to have 4 legs is driving me crazyyy !!
She naps every time and wants more food. For instance she ate 9 times today.
She keeps crying and annoying my mom until she gets her way.
But it’s getting way too much , I don’t mind giving her food but she is eating too much which can be unhealthy.
I got dry food , canned food, have a separate shelf for her food.
I give her different things every time but something is off.


Katy’s behavior when we are away


My brother and I left for the states for 5 days, it was the first time Katy had been away from us for so long. She was with my mom the entire time. Her behavior, according to my mom was strange. Katy was extremely clingy. Her usual spots of sleeping, my mom’s closet or my brother’s bed had been changed to my laundry basket. She would sleep with my mom all the time. Whenever my mom worked on her laptop, Katy would disturb my mom- sat on the keyboard or played with the cursor. The day we returned her behavior turned to normal. She began sleeping on her usual spots. She started being hyper. That’s when I learned the physical absence of either of us affects her really bad. We had to go away for a trip , we were thinking of giving her to a cat sitter but I decided against it seeing her reaction to our absence.

I love my cat

I don’t think I would ever be able to love like a mother if it wasn’t for my Katy. People make fun of me because I treat Katy like a person but I can’t help it. She spends more of the day with me, she is so expressive, and I know animals have the ability to love. My cat certainly does.