TIPS on being a female photographer!

Well in my experience as a female photographer, I have been truly blessed to have mostly respectful clients but in more than one occasion I have had to deal with a guest hitting on me or asking me to dance. So what to do in such situations? Also, because of my height and baby face people don’t take me very seriously. In the last 11 months, I have learned to overcome such situations. I have also made sure my gender, and my looks don’t determine my ability.

First and Foremost :
– Dress normally, if not professionally. I put minimal makeup, conceal blemishes, try to look well groomed. I mostly wear jeans and a shirt.
– Don’t try to look attractive, try to look approachable.

– When you are confirming a deal always show professionalism.
– Avoid talks about your age
– If someone is trying to flirt with you, or ask you to dance TURN THEM DOWN NICELY. I have turned people down in my “sweetest” way. I reply ” smile please” and take a photo.
– Always have a smile on, but make sure you look serious about your job.
– Don’t take “breaks”. Stay on your feet as much as possible.
– If you are bothered by a certain incident, don’t let that show.

– There will always be outrageous requests from clients and it may be hard for you to fulfill them , turn them down nicely and remind them about your contract again (nicely)


Tips on self discipline :

Hi Guys,
If you guys already know I have a never ending battle with procrastination and I always find myself cramming the night before an important task. But, I am getting better at self discipline, these are something that work for me :

– YOGA ( I can’t stress on the importance of Yoga in my daily life)
– Reading  : Reading is an activity that requires your full concentration. Dedicate at least half hour to an hour to a book every day.
– Have a to-do- list.
– Keep a busy schedule, so you have no time to be lazy.
– Do something you LOVE, and make that the reward of not procrastinating.
– Understand Procrastination is one habit that has the ability to ruin your life.
– Work around the clock, make yourself a robot and make it a habit it do EVERYTHING on time.
– Don’t learn it the hard way like me.

Procrastination ruined me :
Getting late – quitting job- financial problems- debt issues

although, I am doing better now but it is a learning process and don’t learn it like me.

Animal cruelty – How much is too much?

What did the poor chicken do to you? Why are you eating it? Does it not hurt when you even have a paper cut? Then why are you eating what’s been killed so they get money and you get food?
This is completely unfair, because they can’t speak are we superior to them? Stop animal cruelty. Stop horse riding! Have you ever imagined how much it would hurt to have 100 pound person on your back? Be a vegan, I know I will be killing plants too but I have to survive. But vegetables are safe, they have a lot of benefits! Animal cruelty is unacceptable. If an innocent person is being punished for a crime they did not commit, that’s unfair. Similarly a chicken/ cow/ deer/ or anything you get your meat from should not be killed. It is unfair.

Your life does not suck!

You know whose life sucks? The kid who is begging on the streets just to have a piece of bread. You know whose life sucks? The kids who are orphans.
You know whose life sucks? The mother who lost her baby.
You know whose life sucks? The mother whose child died.
You know whose life sucks? The kids are who are being trafficked and being used as sex slaves.
You know whose life sucks? The kids who are working as domestic workers.

Do me a favour don’t rant on your life because your father is not buying you a new car. Don’t blabber and eat my ears out because your girlfriend left you. Trust me, you’re better off than millions. Consider yourself fortunate.

I really am growing up

To my astonishment, my mom announced how my birthday is exactly forty days away. Typically, I count days till my birthday. Even last year I was hyped up for my birthday. This year though, I even forgot my birthday was nearing. Reason? Well, I suppose I am not excited about being 19. My life is not exactly sorted you know. I should be in university now but I put it off. I should do something productive while my time off but oh well, I am mostly home reading chick lits and romantic novels. I think reading is much better than watching television. So to an extent, I am proud that I gave up on my obsession of television shows and being a couch potato. My university starts on September. To be honest, I am not looking forward to University. I find it all quite pointless. 4 years of schooling, a degree and then a job? Or as my original plan states I will enter law school at the age of 24. But, really I am seeing most of my dreams shattering in front of my eyes. I am in debt, my life is a mess, I cut off from most of my friends because well, they are all toxic. I cannot say I regret having no friends. But, I cannot say I want to spend the rest of my life in some law firm with a degree earning a few thousand bucks. I wish I could do what I wanted. Maybe life would be easier then. Maybe I would be more excited about my birthday.

Money CAN buy happiness

Can money actually NOT buy happiness?

So I have been thinking about this quote for a while now. They say money can’t buy happiness but we live for money, we breathe for money and isn’t living itself making us happy? Yes, leaving aside, people who suffer from severe depression I think there is a close link to money and happiness. I do admit , that money can’t buy class. No matter how much money a person has they cannot be classy unless they have that in them. Now, going back to my original topic whether money can really buy happiness or not. Money and achievements are closely linked. Achievements result into money and achievements make us happy. Then why can money not buy happiness? Little do we do anything for something other than money anyway. I know shopping makes me happy. When I shop I forget all my distresses and problems , I am just happy.



Let’s face it, none of us have life “perfect”
As much as we wish it was , we are all on the same road
Some of us are happy yet incomplete
Some of us are depressed but breathing
Some of us think we are good for nothing because others say so
and then there is some of us who give up and go to the last stage suicide

Always remember, if you are being bullied at school because you are not “pretty enough” there is someone in the world who doesn’t even have a face because some guy threw acid on her face.
If you are depressed because no one cares then remember , so many people in this world are on the streets.
I know thinking of other’s miseries can not be a comfort. But don’t you feel fortunate that you are able to watch youtube while people are dying of hunger or malnutrition.

The key to living life is embracing all the good and bad. See, if you don’t try to get rid of your problem you can’t. You have to try first.

Being pretty enough isn’t going to give you what you need in order to survive ; self satisfaction. Because someday we are all going to go the same place. We are all going to die.

Being talented enough isn’t going to be everything in life ; you need to happy first then worry about your accomplishments, achievements etc.

You might not even realize how many people would kill for your life. There must be someone in this world who wants to see you happy. We all have someone who admires us for who we are. We spend all our lives trying to fit in and be in the category of ‘normal’ but have we ever noticed how that normal changes all through our life? At age 7, it is normal to love barbie for a girl and cars for a guy and at age 14 it is important to look like a barbie and guys want real cars instead of a toy car. So normal will keep changing , but what remains the same in your heart, your values and your principles. Will you let someone talk you over? Why would you let people who have not even contributed a cent in your life to criticize you? Even if they do, why would you listen to them?

I do not know if you believe in God or not. But I do.
If you don’t , then let me tell you , you don’t have to believe in God to be a good person but you have to have a big heart and the will to be a good person.
Of course, no matter what religion you are from, they all send the same message ; to follow the right path.

Ask yourself if you are more important or them? Why would you let them win over you? Remember, this life is yours, if you finish it then the only person who will suffer is you and the people who love you. Running away from your problems isn’t the solution. Fighting for yourself is. If you are sad because you’ve lost a loved one or you are sad because you are being bullied or things aren’t right at your home, shoot me an email and talk to me. I am not a therapist or anything, but I can certainly be a friend. I will try my best to. I will reply to each and every mail sent to me.

Please, never let anyone else tell you what you can do and what you cannot.
I think everyone can do everything, but it’s how and what they want to do.