Life after death

I spend days thinking why I live this life, for what? I always think what I will be seeing after I die. I am in that stage of life where I am classified as “young” hence people assume I will live long. They think my whole life is ahead of me. I am not writing this post because I think I know what will happen to me after I die. My purpose of writing this post is to convey my thoughts to my readers.
My maternal grandpa is still remembered for his contribution to his hometown. He built a mosque where people offer their prayers. I may not have seen him when he was alive. He died at a young age. But, everyone I met who knew him has always praised him for his honesty, personality and positive attitude. I am not trying to sound rude here. We are all special. For instance, I do not know my grandpa’s mother. She has become a history. People of her generation passed away. In fact, I don’t think anyone really remembers her. My mom does, her family does , of course but no one else. My kids will probably never know her. She will become an unknown ancestor of theirs. I have no story of hers to recall. She will just fade away as I grow older. That being said, my purpose to mention her is we live life to leave a mark. My grandpa will be remember for generations because of that one mosque he built. Maybe, my grandchildren will tell stories to their children about my grandfather. Although, he will be an ancient ancestor but they will at least have a story to tell about him.
I am not saying that if we are unable to leave a mark on this world our life is futile. Our life is valuable, for us, for people who love us.
My father passed away at the age of fifty. My children will not have the fortune of having his company. But, what they will have is knowledge of who my father was. To many, my father might have been an ordinary man. To me, to my family, to people who knew him personally knows he is not an ordinary man. You don’t meet people like my father everyday. He was a good soul. My father helped many poor people. When I visited my father’s house after his funeral , I remember his shoemaker shedding tears for him as if he was my father’s own. My father will live through peoples’ praises.
Growing up I always thought if I could ever be a good person like my father. I have not neared his kindness and generosity in any way. But, I try to help someone if I can.

Adoption- I do not know what I will be able to do five years later. Till now I am not capable of supporting another life (I can of course help a child through world vision for $40 per month). Many people are not able to conceive. People yearn for their own child. I think the biggest way of helping someone is adoption. I know someone in my extended family who has had the fortune of adopting a child. I see that child and wonder what her life would be if that person or anyone else didn’t adopt her. She would probably be playing in some playground of an orphanage. Now that child is travelling around the world, living a proper life with education, proper clothes and most of all love from her parents (adoptive). I know people who have been denied the pleasure of conceiving but they will not adopt simply because the child will not be their own. They have all means of giving a proper life to a child. I get angry thinking that they have so much but they are not willing to give an unfortunate child a life. Blood relationships fall short in front of love. That single child will have the ability to continue the legacy of that family. Adoption is one thing you can do right. You will never go wrong with adoption if you have the ability to provide a shelter, food and education for a child.

Doing good- All of us are not capable of becoming a movie star , or a famous writer but we are all capable of doing good. We are all capable of treating others well. Good people live in this planet even after their death just through peoples’ appreciations and love. Many times we do good but we don’t think we have done anything special but that might mean a lot to someone. For example, my friend and I were watching a movie once. I lost my bus ticket. I went around asking everywhere for a bus ticket but no one had one. A girl, randomly came up to me and gave me a bus ticket. She probably doesn’t even remember she gave me a bus ticket but I will always remember her because she did me a huge favour that day. That’s why whenever someone needs change, bus ticket or money if I have them I make sure I give it to them because I am able to get more (till now). Maybe, someone, somewhere in the world remembers me because I helped them someday. You never know.

Pets- If you have the ability to raise a pet, that can be counted in your good deeds too. My cat’s former owner was giving her away because she didn’t have enough space for her. Now my cat lives like the princess of this house. My mother, my brother treats her like she is a baby. Whenever my mother goes for grocery shopping she buys something for the kitten. She will share our house, our life with us for the rest of her life. This cat could be given to some shelter and would not be given proper food, her treats or she would not even have enough toys.


Do we ever have it easy?

The other day when I was browsing through the chick lits in the local library, I came across a book written by Natasha Friend. The book is titled “My Life In Black And White”. The book is about a girl who was always admired because of her beauty but then she loses her face due to an accident. The major cuts in her face results into a plastic surgery that made her look worse. When her face was gone, her life was gone. Her self esteem was on the low, she was being driven to depression.
Now, we all know that the people are are not good looking are often made fun of, bullied or simply ignored. But, then do the “good-looking” people have it easy as well?
When you have a face that everyone admires but no one loves you for you, that sucks.
When a not so good looking person is loved because of the person she is, that’s nice.
I would rather be loved by one person even if I am ugly than turn hundred heads towards me.
Everything has a lesson to teach us, the point is to love yourself despite of what others think of you. Yes, you will never have it easy. But, everything will be worth it one day.