Why you should ABSOLUTELY go Vegan!

I know this is a free world and we are all entitled to our opinions but I am very judgemental towards people who are having meat , ice cream etc and not for once thinking where it is all coming from!
I admit I was like that a few months back too, but then I shudder every time i realize where the food I am eating is coming from. A bag of chips definitely has some kind of meat / fish flavour or milk ingredient. Ice cream, chocolates, cookies everything has some kind of animal product involved.

Here are a lot of videos to change your mind about eating meat/ animals in general :

Plus I personally don’t have any bad habits apart from avoiding exercises regularly which are harmful to my general health. Intake of more vegetables is GOOD for your health.

How to go vegan in a few steps :
– UNDERSTAND the pain of animals. How would we feel if someone was torturing us?
– meat makes you fat