Yoga is loving yourself

I know many people are inclined to yoga because of the weight loss aspect to it but truth is there are so many benefits connected to a single way of life ; Yoga. Yoga teaches you to control your mind and body. It relaxes you, takes away your stress while you are doing your body some good. I am aware most people can’t find the time to go to a yoga class, but you do not have to go to a yoga class to be able to do yoga.
In this busy routine we often tend to neglect our bodies but we can do our body a small favor of 10-15 minutes of Yoga each day. YouTube, Pinterest are all great sources to Yoga tutorials, poses and tips.
I also noticed my yoga session is more effective when I drink green tea in the morning / 2 hours prior to my yoga session.


Hot Yoga VS Normal Yoga

I signed up for a hot yoga class at my local gym in the beginning of January. It was the worst decision of my life. You know why? While,  we did learn some Yoga basics in that hour but we would mostly be exhausted because of the heat rather than the Yoga itself. Also, did you know as good as Sauna / any other heat room feels good to your skin, they are actually pretty bad for your skin. I would sweat badly during hot yoga and in no time I had pimples! But, the good thing through Hot Yoga that happened to me was my appreciation for Yoga. When I took up Yoga in normal temperature, I loved it. More than I ever loved Hot Yoga.
If you are a beginner and want to give Yoga an honest try then I highly recommend downloading Iphone/ Ipod apps relating to Yoga.
A specific Yoga app which I love is named : Yoga (a woman is dressed in blue and is raising one hand to the sky while the other is set to the ground)
You can choose the workout, the timing and the workout level!
That is one amazing Yoga app!