20 things to do before 20

Okay, so I sat down with myself the other day and made a list , and decided I have two months left of being a teenager !
I will be 20 !!
Now for the past three years, I was in a ¬†bad place for personal reasons, my readers know why though ūüôā

So I came up with 20 things I would like to do before 20 (note somethings are not easy, but you can always modify them)

Get a credit card : If you’re as irresponsible as me, you probably have one and spent all the credit but if you’re responsible you do know that you need a credit score (a good one) and for that you need to be good with ¬†credit cards . I am going to be 20, but my credits are in bad shape I came up with a payment plan now so let’s see if I can slowly pay it off. My goal is to be debt free this year.

Get a job/ start a small business ¬†: I started a small business which gives me decent enough income, I don’t have any car payments or major payments so my expenditure isn’t much. I am no longer a shopaholic , live with my family so for me it’s extra pocket money. I considered getting a job but my resume isn’t impressive enough and I haven’t really been persistent either.

Try a sport : I am not athletic so I haven’t tried a sport yet but I am probably going to take up squash (if that counts as a sport)

Learn a new language : I know many people have a second language , but I am trying to learn Japanese ! So you should too.

Save : I am trying to save $1000, but you should always save according to your limits. For me, as I said I have no major payments to worry about so saving it is easy. For instance, today my Ipad charger broke but I won’t replace it until I have enough money and I could do without my Ipad for a few days anyway.

Run a mile everyday for 1 month : THIS is very important , you can train yourself to run a mile or if you’re fit you should try running on the treadmill for everyday. Eventually, you will be in a habit.

Take up Yoga/ Zumba : I took up Zumba , and I do yoga at home but doing Zumba in a group setting is a lot of fun , do try it if you have’t already.

Don’t eat carbs/ sugar for a month : By carbs I mean bad carbs , and bad sugar! Try boycotting it for 1 month and you will be good to go.

Don’t watch TV for a month : I tried but failed . I watch a lot of soaps , so I can’t seem to give it up. But I will start from March (fingers crossed)

Give up an obsession/ addiction : I am addicted to checking my mail and my ipad, I am trying to limit my use.

Go on a reading spree : My bucket list has read all Nicholas Sparks books , and all Pretty little liars books so I am trying to finish reading those.

Give someone a makeover : I really want to do this, but I can’t find anyone who would be interested in it. All my friends are pretty made over lol. But if you know someone, you should try it!

Go an entire day without technology : this means no phone, tv, or even oven! I couldn’t do it since the first thing I reach for when I wake up is my phone and that pretty much does it for you . But I will try it soon.

Raise money for a charity : I think everyone should try it! If you haven’t done it , do it already. I do charity very often but I haven’t raised money for a long time.

Read the Bible/ The Quran / a religious scripture : I am reading the Bible and the Quran. I hope to have it finished before my birthday!

Go bungee jumping or skydiving : I really want to do this before my birthday or on my birthday. I am hoping to do bungee jumping though , too scared for skydiving!

Make a gratitude list and read it on your 20th birthday : I won’t be celebrating my birthday but I will probably make a gratitude list for my readers or my family/ friends so they can read it .

Get a pet : Many of us grow up with pets but some don’t know the experience of having a pet and caring for it. My life has been so much better since I got my cat, and I have become a better person (I hope so) .

Study a topic you would like to know more about : I am studying about animal cruelty, and also about adoption. If you want to know more on any topic consider reading up on it on the internet/ library.

Learn to be happy alone : During our teenage years, we become so attached to our boyfriends/ girlfriends that we forget we are an individual. Dependance is not a good thing and you should do things for yourself and by yourself.


Animal cruelty – one step at a time

Dear readers, I know I have been moral policing a lot in my last few posts but I can’t help it. I feel terrible that I can’t do anything to change the world, the cruelty.¬†
Today I want to speak up for all those defenceless animals who are brutally killed for their skin, meat, fur! 

Don’t we love our dogs and cats? How would you feel if your cat/ dog was skinned alive for their fur? Unfortunately, the practice of abusing cats and dogs is common. I don’t know about you but my life revolves around my cat and even if she sneezes one bit I feel like the world is about to collapse.¬†
Then what gives us the right to wear their skin? Yes, it may not necessarily be cats or dogs but they can be a fox/ bunny. 
The sad thing is all these designers ; Louis Vuitton, Burberry , Chanel use their leather to produce an expensive bag or wallet and we happily keep spending our hard earned money to SUPPORT such practices. 
Yes, by buying these products you are supporting animal cruelty. 
What gives us the right to use their skin or fur? What do they owe us? 

I am not asking you to be vegan right away, but I want to raise awareness and let everyone know that we don’t necessarily have to be vegans to take a stand against animal cruelty.¬†

I want to tell YOU , no one be it an animal or us no one deserves to be killed/ skinned alive. 

I will be honest and I have spent a lot on designer accessories which were manufactured using their skin / fur BUT I don’t wear them anymore because I don’t want to encourage buying these accessories.¬†

Adoption: Why people don’t care?

I have seen very few cases where people want to adopt unless and until they are infertile. It makes me angry, I find we have so many kids dying of hunger everyday but all people do is donate perhaps 5-10% of their paycheque and they think they have fulfilled their responsibilities. But, no one really wants to adopt “another person’s child” and would prefer to have their own. I don’t blame them because every woman has the right to experience the joy of motherhood. But, is experiencing motherhood limited to baring the child only? Does motherhood not entail the sleepless nights a mother spends to put her kid to sleep? Does it not mean to take part in various activities with their kids? Why can’t motherhood be experienced while rearing up a child in need?¬†
I once asked my mother why she didn’t ever consider adoption . My mom simply answered because my dad was the only son and they needed his “own” blood. The other reason was people assume the process of adoption is lengthy and time consuming which it is, no doubt but is it not worth it if you can change someone’s life?¬†
I know of people who didn’t adopt because they think they can’t love someone else’s child the same way they would have loved their own ( A CHILD IS A CHILD, AND YOU ARE BOUND TO LOVE A CHILD IF YOU HAVE MOTHERLY/FATHERLY FEELINGS).¬†
I know of people who wanted their “blood” to carry their family name. WELL? You are going to be teaching your values, your ideas to your adopted child, how does it matter? Yes, now if you’re more into nature vs nurture then I understand. But, ¬†in my opinion, nurture plays a key role in one’s development as an individual.¬†
Some people never even have the idea to help, for them having a baby is a natural process so it is our responsibility to spread the word , to advocate for all those kids who don’t have a family.¬†
I get angry but then I realize it’s not their fault , because we don’t emphasize on the importance of adoption. There is also the problem of people assuming you are gay/ infertile if you adopt kids which is DUMB.¬†
But can you stop people from talking ? You change the world, take a step and do what you ought to do. 

20 questions to ask couples before their wedding (photography)

Some questions may seem personal but consider asking them because wedding photography is special and you want the photos to reflect their love for each other

1. How long are you guys together for?
2. How long have you been planning the wedding for?
3. Are you happy with the preparations so far?
4. What did you always hope your wedding day would be like?
5. Are you guys comfortable together on photos?
6. Are you happy with each other?
7. Do you forget everything when you look at your partner?
8. Marriage is a big decision and you will trust each other with this , are you nervous?
9. Are both of you having the same vision about your wedding photos , would you like them sexy, sweet , beautiful or a blend of everything?
10. Are you comfortable kissing for the camera ?
11. Are you comfortable striking poses which may feel awkward ?
12. You do understand your wedding photographer will spend the most important day of your life with you, is there anything they should know ; annoying guests who could block photos, or photos you wouldn’t like taken of etc.
13. Are you excited about the whole experience? Wedding is a celebration but marriage is a journey, are you happy to share it with your partner?
14. What’s one thing your partner says that makes you blush?
15. What is the best thing your partner has ever done for you ?
16. 50 years from now, you will be showing these photos to your grandkids. What story would you like to tell through these photos?
17. Do you laugh at each other’s jokes?
18. Are you ticklish ? (important to ask because a ticklish moment can bring the best photos)
19. The first word that comes to your mind when you think of your partner ?
20 . When I say your partner’s name , how do you see them?

Some might ask why I ask so many personal questions, it’s because you need to understand where they stand as a couple to bring out the best in them.

25 reasons to go vegan

1. For the animals 
2. For better health 
3. To be disease free (swine flu free) 
4. To expand your horizons ( know more fruits and vegetables) 
5. To try new ways of cooking and baking
6. To stop contributing to the cruelty towards animals by dairy/ fashion / meat / egg industries
7. For better skin
8. To practice self control
9. To learn more about different cultures who practice vegan lifestyle
10. To go more DIY
11. To control your processed food intake
12. To eliminate stereotypes about veganism
13. To expand creativity 
14. You will learn to be obsessed with reading ingredients on the back of anything packaged 
15. To annoy servers at restaurants by asking them if anything contains egg or dairy 
16. To stand out
17. To challenge yourself
18 . To embrace a new lifestyle
19 . To expand knowledge on animal cruelty 
20. To know more about vegan diets and foods eg. beans, lentils, nuts
21. For self satisfaction
22. To explore new vegeterian / vegan restaurants 
23. To be bombarded by “protein intake” questions by friends and family
24. To save approximately 100 animals per year by not eating them
25. To be happier, healthier, more confident 

Why being a Muslim vegan is difficult

As my name already suggests, I am a Muslim (or my family is) . I am having issues with faith right now, but my name automatically makes me Muslim , on top of that I am brown and have an accent. Needless to say, whenever I am somewhere ordering food, people ask me why I don’t take dairy/ meat I reply saying because I am vegan. Then I hear why I should eat meat and that meat (as long as it’s HALAL) is permissible in Islam. I know better than to argue so I move on saying I love my cat and I couldn’t imagine someone killing her and eating her meat (in some cultures they do eat cats) so I gave up on meat and dairy altogether. I hear praises but I do hear lectures, not that I mind because everyone in my family are meat lovers I am the black sheep of the family who protests against meat or dairy!¬†
I think Islam teaches us to be compassionate , and to love the planet and every kind of living thing there is. I sin a lot , but I think Allah will be happy . 

I need IDEAS!

I don’t get to write a lot since my brother mostly uses my macbook and I am using the Ipad ! I am not very comfortable using the ipad for long blog posts so I end up not having blog posts at all. I have still not started school, however I am trying to get my life back in track . I am trying to get rid of all my bad habits (procrastination ) etc , I am also trying to be more active physically and mentally. I am trying to SAVE up , and it’s going really well (probably because my social life is a complete mess especially because I don’t drive and I am too lazy to go out in the stupid weather) whatever the reason may be i saved 90% of my income in January and ended up giving all that for charity (YAY ME) . Now i am looking forward to a productive february though today is the first day and i am already feeling very lazy , if it were up to me I would indulge myself in a Sarah Dessen book and not do anything. But I am trying a lot of vegan recipes, self control, reading and I might start my LSAT prep. I am also thinking about finally applying to an undergrad program since it’s been almost 2 years since I graduated from high school and now I am TRULY fed up of sitting at home and messing up my academic life. What are your suggestions? I don’t know what I should do!¬†