10 bad habits that harm you!

1. Showering with hot water on a daily basis is both bad for your hair and skin! Avoid as much as you can.
2. Not drinking enough water. I was a victim of this bad habit but I overcame it by setting an alarm clock in my phone so I am reminded to drink water.
3. Sugar ! This is my biggest problem and I am glad to announce that I have replaced my cravings with fruits! My favorite ones being ; watermelon , strawberries !
4. Not walking enough – I try to walk as much as I can and you should too.
5. Not using protection against sun ; sunblock and hats
6. Having red meat , it’s bad for your heart!
7. Spicing up your food – the blander the food, the healthier it is !
8. Oily stuff , a big no no ! Have it once a month and wait for the next month if you have cravings.
9. Snacking on cookies , chip etc – always snack on healthy things like fruits or salads.
10. Don’t buy juices , buy fruits and make your own juice – that way you also save money ! It’s healthier too!