Why Lea Michelle is my role model

Because she is absolutely gorgeous, she is so talented, she is a brilliant actress, an amazing singer, she loves Cory so much and above all, she is so strong!

I love her so much!


Engagement Shoot of A&N

Thank you so much for your time guys! I truly appreciate it!

Why I love shooting Weddings!

I have often been asked WHY I love shooting weddings when other sectors of photography have more opportunities. Before I begin my post, let me tell you I am completely against people spending a hefty sum on their weddings BUT I love weddings as long as they are fun and not done to show off. As a wedding photographer, we have to meet many kinds of people, shoot different cultures, listen to different love stories and sometimes arranged marriage stories.
My love for wedding photography is very straight forward : it is capturing a person entering a new life with a new partner. Weddings are amazing because every emotion is so genuine. When the bride smiles, she is smiling because she is happy not because she is a model for my photo shoot. When the groom smiles, he is smiling because he adores the bride. When they look at each other, they are just happy.
The other thing I love about weddings is the family bonding. I love how in that one event how you get to see so many relationships, so many emotions, so many smiles and so many tears of joy.
The best part and my favourite part about wedding photography is the trust our clients show in us. It is a special moment, and they trust us with life, we have no opportunity to mess up and I can VERY confidently say after the officiant our job is the most important jobs in weddings.

Makeup blunders

The biggest mistake I witnessed makeup artists doing :

1. They literally forget about eyebrows , eyebrows are one of the most Important features.
2. They avoid foundation on the neck
3. They always try to play it safe with smoky eyes
4. Eyes need definition , not too much makeup
5. Contouring should only be done on fashion photography models, not brides or people going to parties unless they want their face to look slimmer
6. Blush should be matte, not shimmery
7. Base should be strong
8. They don’t try to maintain the face color with the rest of the body