Female TV characters – powerful, beautiful, wonderful!

Brooke Davis – If you’ve watched One Tree Hill, you definitely know how Brooke starts out. She is this fun loving girl who just wants to have fun, she was not very likeable in the beginning but I guess she just grew on people. I remember watching the first episode and I took an immediate liking towards Brooke. First season, first episode I became a brucas shipper. I haven’t looked back since.
Brooke Davis reached for her dreams, got her heart broken, was abused by her mom but she still had a beautiful heart , a beautiful smile and hope.
In the end, she was rewarded for her courage. She found the perfect husband in the form of Julian.
Icing on the cake? Sophia , the actress who played Brooke is just like her on screen character. She is so kind, beautiful, amazing and intelligent.

Blair Waldorf – I still have a difficult time accepting Gossip Girl is over. But, over the seasons Blair grew as a human being, a friend and most importantly as a lover. I love her so much. She has been my idol ever since GG began. I love the things she said , the things she did (good things) and I loved her honest love for Chuck.